About Brian Schnabel.

Having come into this world via the unbridled passions of my parents; I lived in Bergen County for the first few years of my life. Then my parents decided to move to Vernon New Jersey, where some folks think I, “Grew up.”

The move to Vernon didn’t exactly provide me with the Rocky Mountain High that John Denver once sang about. However, the air is definitely cleaner in Vernon NJ than in an apartment off route 80 in Ridgefield Park.

“True,” I did receive my diploma as a part of the graduating Vernon High School Class of 1988. However, I seem to recall more about my forced acquisition of street smarts than I do any major academic achievements. I think this might have had something to do with 99.9 percent of my graduating classmates making it perfectly clear to me that visually impaired folks are not welcome in Vernon NJ’s school system.

It all did work out in the end though; me doing much better academically in college. Concentration on studies was certainly much easier without the flying spitballs, staples, and need to routinely practice other elements of Self-Defense 101.

I have two college degrees. I hold an Associates in Humanities Music and another in Criminal Justice. Neither achievement has led me in the direction intended. However, if you want to make God laugh, “Tell him your plans.”

Since 2012; I’m known by the IRS, SSA and other agencies as a “Single” Self-Employed blind person working in Self-Publishing. While the money isn’t great; it certainly does give me the right to consider myself a contributing member of society.

In addition to the material presented on this site; I enjoy sailing, hiking, Amateur Radio and swimming. I can row a boat and paddle a canoe with prodigious skill, as well. Generally speaking; if it involves working with my hands and figuring things out, “I’m there.” P.S. “I’m a classic rock kind of guy who enjoys a good mystery, too.”

I do have an interest in automotive stuff and at one time was doing small engine repair to earn a little extra cash. When it comes to lawn mowers and such, “It’s amazing what people will throw out.”

My registered Seeing Eye Dog and I live in Newtonian Gardens; a Goldberg Realty Associates owned apartment complex located at 70 West End Avenue, Newton NJ. It’s just the two of us living here and folks in the Newton area often see us out and about.

Am I married? “No.” Am I dating anyone? “No.” Do I want to be? “Yes.” However, “You can’t always get what you want.” But, more often than not I find, professionally and otherwise, “You get what you need.”