OverView Of AccessibleWebHost.com

The Lord certainly does work things out in strange ways, “Doesn’t He?” What mortal knew that when I returned to school for my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice, in January of 2000, I’d be learning how to build Section 508 compliant websites. Yet, “Here we are.”

The website you are leaving my blog to visit is AccessibleWebHost.com. It carries useful information pertaining to cPanel, Web Design, Windows Software, WordPress and Working Online. Of course, you will find information there about the kinds of services I offer, as well. However, the main thrust of the site (like all my sites) is more informational than sails pitch.

So, “Yeah.” Where you are headed now is the site you want to visit if you…

  • Work Online.
  • Use Windows Software.
  • Are involved in or seeking advice about Web Design and designers.
  • Have a personal or professional interest in WordPress.
  • Are looking to pick up tips on using cPanel.

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