Introduction: Volume 2: The Bible: Brian’s Summary Guide To God’s Word.

You are not stupid. You have a mind, which is fully capable of displaying a reasonable level of intelligence. Therefore; you are fully capable of developing an ever-deepening relationship with God, which extends far beyond reading pages of The Bible. So, “Why would you automatically assume that God’s word is too complex for you to understand?”

Why would you assume that you need someone online, in your church, or anywhere else, to explain to you what passages in The Bible mean. With all that is going on in the world today, is it really wise to trust that biblical scholars and churches alike are being straight with you about God’s word, “Simply because they are churches and biblical scholars?”

I recognize that what I will be writing in the pages to come is, more than likely, going to piss quite a few folks off. However, I’ve come to that point in my life where, “I just don’t care.” Some things just need to be said and if I’m wrong, “God will judge me for it more heavily than any woman or man on earth ever could.”

based on what I’ve seen from my vantage point here in Sussex County New Jersey, churches are more business than biblical. In some cases, they think they are a law unto themselves; picking and choosing what laws of God and Man they will follow; the glorification of God being manipulated in a way that serves the leadership of churches more than the Lord and His people.

If you doubt this than just stop for a moment to ask yourself why there are so many variations of the Christian Church. It’s amazing how many different Doctrines there are, which begs the question, “What kind of Christian are you,” and, “How do you know you are the right kind of Christian,” to be seen as acceptable in the eyes of God?

Then there is the question of The Bible itself to be considered. Everything, from the stories about how it was created, to the fact that there are varying numbers of books in The Bible (depending upon religious affiliation), and other factors; it all screams tampering, any way you slice it.

“Do I believe in God?” Yes, I do. “Do I believe that the Lord sent us his son Jesus?” Again; yes, “I do.”

I am not negating any of this. As a matter of fact, in all honesty, you can not be me and not know that God exists. “It’s just that simple.”

“So!” As it all pertains to God and His word: This Average Joe will be covering those issues I feel drawn to address; using the search engines and the King James Bible as my source of reference for writing the pages ahead. “Yes!” I’ll be using the internet to discover the questions folks are seeking answers to through their searches on Google and Bing. I will then answer those questions using the King James Bible, along with a bit of intuitive intelligence, mixed in.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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One thought on “Introduction: Volume 2: The Bible: Brian’s Summary Guide To God’s Word.”

  1. You raise some good points, however, there are many competent Biblical scholars who have clarified many cloudy issues for me. To dismiss them out-of-hand does a disservice to many have difficulty discerning particular points. As Christians, we should make allowances for those who hold the core values, but differ in the ones that matter little. Remember, some may eat meat, others not – they still are His children. Also, we are supposed to assemble together in His name. Churches may not be perfect, but they still remain the primary way for Christians to meet, fellowship, pray and worship together to accomplish this.

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