Chapter 1: Strong Prayers God Will Answer: Volume 2: The Bible: Brian’s Summary Guide To God’s Word.

For quite some time, “I,” like you, have been searching for a powerful prayer formula that will work. A way to converse with the Lord in a manner that lets me know that I’ve been heard, even if his answer is a flat out, “No!”

What I’ve found is that while The Bible gives us the, “Our Father (Matthew 6:9-6:13),” to use as a general prayer; developing a dependence upon it alone would totally fall short of what God tells us about connecting with him in both the Old and New Testament. This is because conversing with the Lord goes far beyond just saying a bunch of words written on a page.

To God, “The power of intention is everything.” Anyone who has made a sincere effort to develop a strong personal relationship with the Lord should be able to tell you; there is no power in any prayer without an honest, pure, clean, and positive motive behind it. If you are asking for God’s help; no matter how you frame it, you won’t get a response from Him if the thing you are asking for only benefits, “You.”

Are you asking for something that is reality based? Do you seek that which benefits more than one person? Are you Requesting that which will influence the world positively? Are you sure that what you want is a win-win for everyone?

The Bible makes it very clear that, “We should do onto others only those things we would like to have done to us (Mathew 22:39).” So, “Yeah,” when you are praying to the Lord, make sure that what you are asking for isn’t going to cause someone else to suffer a loss due to your desire for achievement of any kind. Remember that the name of the game is, “Win-Win for Everyone,” when making your petitions to the Lord.

I think many times people forget, “God always provides for us that which we truly need.” Jesus came right out and said as much (Matthew 6:25-6:32), as a part of his teaching.

So, it might seem like our prayers aren’t being heard, simply because we already have the essentials. “Yup!” God just might be basing our needs partly on what we are doing with the resources we have already, “In service to others.”

“Yeah,” we might think we need more. However, when it comes to praying any kind of prayers, the power comes in when we are already using what we have to help others; seeking to expand our capabilities towards greater works with regard to that end.

“True,” many folks will tell you that everyone prays in their own way. “However,” I personally find the meditative techniques developed and researched by Jose Silva to be the best way for me to draw nearer to God. The techniques Jose Developed have certainly helped me take my meditations/prayers to a whole new level; feeling the Lord’s presence in my life in a way that I once would have never dreamed was possible.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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  1. The Bible even mentions that sometimes we pray with wrong intentions. Best to remember the Lord’s prayer, and add prayers for those sick or hurting, as well. Merry Christmas!

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