Severe Headaches And Living With Blindness Complements Of RP: Body: Love The Skin You’re Living In.

They say that a headache can put a real damper on your day. As someone living with a degenerative eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa I can tell you that headaches are often a part of the everyday routine. Often developing by about mid-morning; the mild to moderate pain, which feels like a tightness around the eye sockets at first, often runs throughout my head to the base of my neck by day’s end. Although I was once told by a Sussex County NJ based eye physician that RP doesn’t cause headaches, “I know I’m not alone in having this positively exquisite experience.”

Much like tension headaches; when my headaches are in full swing my neck, shoulder, and scalp muscles are pretty damn tense by day’s end. Having been repeatedly told by doctors, here in Sussex County and elsewhere in New Jersey, that I am not a text book case; over the years I’ve found a few none-narcotic solutions that actually do work for me.

The Strategies That Work For me:

I can attest to the fact that Physical and psychological relaxation techniques can go a long way towards slowing the arrival of the headaches I experience. By practicing these techniques regularly; sometimes in combination with a bit of light physical exercise, like walking down a country road with little to know traffic, really have made a difference in my quality of life.

“Yes,” even us blind people can manage some form of Guided imagery exercises, too. I think you know the kind I’m talking about. These would be the kind of exercises that focus your attention on various parts of your body in order to relax them.

However, while Guided Imagery Exercises are great for when I’m sitting or lying down; I can assure you that you wouldn’t catch me dead attempting to practice them walking around Newton, NJ. “Why?” This is because that is the kind of thing that would definitely cause me to finish up, well, “Dead!”

Relaxation exercises that involve doing things like focusing on staying relaxed as I walk certainly help in a myriad of ways; well beyond just controlling, if not eliminating those pesky, RP induced, none-text book case, “Headaches.” Concentrating on my breathing as a part of even taking a walk can help too. These are things I find I can do while out and about without zoning out, which could lead to someone running me over with a tractor trailer or something nifty like that.

Sexual activity has also helped in dealing with my Retinitis Pigmentosa induced headaches, as well. Either alone or with a partner; it is a scientific fact that certain chemical processes take place in the body that are good for lowering stress and positively impacting over all health.

In fact; I’ve read from multiple sources that simply masturbating can get rid of a headache. While it’s true that sex doesn’t always make my headaches go away, “It certainly does help to make them a lot more bearable.”

If All Else Fails:

As much as my doctors have hated to hear it; alcohol helps deal with the headaches when I can’t get a handle on them any other way. I usually go through a 1.7 liter bottle of Jack Daniel’s each year. In comparison with the side effects of other medications on the market, “I find it to be an excellent alternative.”

Thankfully; I’ve developed a rather high tolerance for pain. So drinking to make the pain stop has never been in the plan and is only a last resort. Also, both science and The Bible both tell us that there is nothing wrong with alcohol in moderate doses. So, all in all, “No worries there!”

In Conclusion:

Clearly, from all that I’ve experienced and have read; dealing with pain seems to be something that everyone experiences differently. There are a wide number of ideas on how pain in general should be managed out there, too. So, “No,” I’m not saying that my way is the best way for you.

I’ve gotten to where I’m at in managing my headaches, and even living with blindness itself, through trial and error. With a healthy dose of trust in God mixed in; I’m enjoying my life, fully appreciating what I have in the here and now.

But make no mistake. When it comes to managing pain, or anything else in life, “Persistence and effort are key to success.” If one avenue refuses to yield results then try another. You might find, as I have that, you will need a few different alternatives at your disposal in order to make your life more livable. However, never forget, “Through God all things are possible,” and there is a solution out there for you if you turn to him, “First.”

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