My Own Personal Home Treatment For Heartburn: Body: Love The Skin You’re Living In.

Around November of 2015 I began having trouble with indigestion. It would start usually with a burning in the throat and eventually build up to mild chest pain. “And,” if I laid down to go to sleep, “Forget it!”

“Yes,” the whole idea of heart disease flashed through my mind when the chest pain started. However, that notion quickly was expelled from my mind with a trip to the bathroom. This was because each time the chest pain started, one dump later the chest pain always went away.

Of course, there was still the matter of the burning in the throat. It too often went away with a trip to the bathroom. It’s amazing to me how a good pee always seems to kill a bout of Acid Reflux. If only I could solve so many other problems in life this way.

Hence, knowing that my discomfort was digestion related; I did a little reading on the Harvard site. After reading; I realized that part of my problem was my weight. I knew I was about fifteen to twenty pounds over what I should be and it was hiding itself very well around my midriff. “Yup!” Most people swear I look fine when they see me.

So, I politely asked folks to ease up on bringing me junk food and extra sweets to keep around the house. It wasn’t easy to turn down offers of free chocolate and other tasty stuff. However, I knew it needed to be done and my friends are cool people. So, “They understood.”

As the wait came down; my jeans began to fit better. This meant that pressure was not being put on the intestines as much; allowing stuff to flow more freely through the plumbing. This was good because I was hell bent on being able to continue to wear pants with a 32 inch waist line.

However, “There was still more that I needed to do.” So, “I did it!”

Having once been a Nature’s Sunshine Products Distributer; I could easily recall the many seminars that I sat through regarding the digestive system, along with every other system of the body. These seminars were run by a woman who was a retired school nurse and sold holistic remedies to subsidize her income.

“Anyhow,” I knew from the knowledge I had already, and the additional reading compliments of Harvard, that part of my heartburn trouble stemmed from a rather sluggish large intestine. In short; some of my chest pain and throat burn was due to the fact that I was full of crap.

So, “What’s a guy who’s full of it to do?” Well, the answer is really quite simple.

Peppermint Tea is known to have the kind of properties that can help a limping digestive system along. So, for a week or so I was drinking four cups a day of Celestial Seasons Peppermint Tea. “It is good stuff,” and it certainly did help.

“But,” some days I needed just a bit more than just the tea alone. So, I got my hands on some Walmart grade Cascara Sagrada; a dietary supplement that has a laxative effect by stimulating the bowels. Need I say more?

“However,” I noticed something else, too. Too much greasy food could really wreck a good night’s sleep if I had it later in the day. Apparently; I can’t digest Oily Pizza, Cheese Burgers and loads of French Fries the way I used to do. So, “Yeah,” I’ve cut back big time on that stuff.

Sugary drinks late at night aren’t always a bright idea, either. Something about V8 Splash or Coca Cola really pisses off the stomach; leading to that lovely burning sensation in the throat when I lay down to sleep. So, when it gets nearer to bed time; I’m a water Connoisseur.

I’ve found, too, that a large glass of water with lemon tends to help keep things moving along pretty well; helping to keep the plumbing flowing in a friendly fashion. Even late at night; drinking water with lemon doesn’t seem to have any negative side effects.

Apples after dinner often help to keep the stomach from becoming hostel, too, especially after a nice slab of steak. However, all in all, the name of the game for me has become, “Avoiding the saturated fats.” So, between my favorite little dietary supplement, peppermint tea and a whole hell of a lot of new found common sense when it comes to eating, “I’m feeling more awesome than ever!”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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