What Makes A Guy Want To Commit And Get Married?

Commitment in a relationship is obviously important. Many of us would like to know that there is going to be at least one person who is going to be there for us, “Come hell or high water.” One person we can be completely vulnerable with; giving them the very power to destroy us; all the while trusting that this is something they would never do. Continue reading “What Makes A Guy Want To Commit And Get Married?”

Will A Man Marry A Woman With Children?

If you are a single mom; It’s certainly understandable as to why you might be feeling like the deck is stacked against you, particularly where romance is concerned. Maybe you are even feeling a bit like used goods? After all; you are an unwed mother and that’s biblically not even a good thing, “Right?” Continue reading “Will A Man Marry A Woman With Children?”

What Does A Man Want From A Woman Sexually?

Depending upon who you talk to; you just might find that, “Sex is more underrated than overrated.” However, it’s a known scientific fact that many relationships start through chemistry; many a book written on the topic telling us as much. In fact; if we are not with someone we have some chemistry with, there’s a good chance that the relationship isn’t going to last; sex often being the glue keeping folks in even the most toxic of romantic entanglements. So, “yeah,” sex is important to a man in a relationship; the ultimate expression of love towards a woman for many of us guys. Continue reading “What Does A Man Want From A Woman Sexually?”

What Do Men Look For In A Woman Physically?

Are you worried that you might not have the kind of body men will be attracted to? When you look at your female competition; are you feeling like you’re a little short in measuring up? Well… Allow me to put your worst fears to bed. Writing from an Average Joe’s perspective; here’s the real deal on what men look for physically in a woman, “Especially one they are planning to routinely sleep with.” Continue reading “What Do Men Look For In A Woman Physically?”

Dating If A Woman Makes More Money.

There is no doubt that money makes the world turn more smoothly. Currently; it’s kind of hard to live without it, even if it rarely ever touches your hands. So, “yeah,” it’s only natural for many in today’s society to wonder, “Can the relationship work if a woman makes more money than a man?” Continue reading “Dating If A Woman Makes More Money.”

What A Man Wants In A Long Term Relationship.

What men want in a relationship, seems to be the million-dollar question for a lot of women these days. If you are a woman reading this because you truly want to know what guys want; it’s a good sign that you are not Just desperate for a man. I, as a single man myself, would take your question regarding this matter as a sign that you would be the kind of woman who’s willing to commit to making a relationship work over the long hall. Continue reading “What A Man Wants In A Long Term Relationship.”

Phone Calls.

Depending upon who you talk to… Contingent upon who’s material you’ve recently read… The answers regarding whether a woman should call a man after the first date, or even the number of times a woman should call her boyfriend after a relationship has been established… Well… If you haven’t noticed by now… “The answers you get are all over the board.” Continue reading “Phone Calls.”

Do Men Expect Women To Pay On Dates?

With so many single men and women alike struggling to pay the bills these days; I think that when couples do something together, it’s just common courtesy for all parties concerned to talk about how they are going to finance their plans. Therefore; for a woman to be wondering whether or not she would be expected to pay on dates… “That’s a fair question.” Continue reading “Do Men Expect Women To Pay On Dates?”

Do Men Like Women To Ask Them Out?

Sometimes I can’t help feeling a little tired when I look at the big picture concerning dating here in Northern NJ. This is because it really gets to be a drag with women flip flopping back and forth; demanding the same treatment as men and still expecting to be treated like “traditional” women. I’m sorry Ladies but, “You can’t have it both ways anymore,” not even where dating is concerned. Continue reading “Do Men Like Women To Ask Them Out?”

What To Do Before You Start Dating.

Many women get caught up in the idea of finding a significant other and yet they don’t have a clue as to what it is they are looking for. Women will often tell guys that they just want to date around, which is a clear sign to guys like me that someone didn’t do their homework. “True!” Many men also suffer from this disease too; making many a woman run like hell when they are on the receiving end. Continue reading “What To Do Before You Start Dating.”

A Summary Guide To Dating Brian.

To Newton Sparta area women seeking NJ singles dating services: Sometimes I’m just in total amazement as to what people think and tell their friends about my love life. Many women think they’ve got me all figured out, based solely on a glance. “So, what’s a guy like me to do?” Well… Continue reading “A Summary Guide To Dating Brian.”