Dating Age Limit Formula: Dating Brian: A Single Man Looking For Love.

I’ve dated older. I’ve also dated much older! Of course, it is bound to cause a little friction in the family when you introduce your mother to your new girlfriend, especially when the girlfriend is only about 5 years younger than your mom.

Yup! I was once the 24 year old son who introduced his 40 year old girlfriend to his 45 year old mother. However, as of June 2016, I’ve experienced a series of dreams that has made it pretty clear to me that I really do need to scrap any notion of utilizing any prescribed dating age limit formula, “Once and for all.”

Perhaps this has something to do with reaching a new level of spiritual maturity. And, “Yes,” with the passage of time, I’ve become acutely aware of the fact that the only real relationships worth maintaining on any level are the ones God himself leads me to engage in.

Therefore, if I’m properly trusting in the Lord to guide me in handling my affairs, clearly there is no dating age limit formula required. In fact there isn’t really even an age limit calculator for marriage that would come close to what the Lord’s wishes would be for me. So, moving ahead from June 2016, it will be my relationship with God that determines the relationship I have with any woman who is presently in my life, or about to enter into it.

And, if anyone reading this is honest with themselves, it is really how much we love God and trust in his guidance that will determine the quality of relationships we experience with “any person” here on earth. Matthew 22:37-40, in a way, pretty much tells us as much.

If we are not willing to love God with all of our hearts, mind and spirits; how is there ever to be any chance of Him leading us to a mate that is truly proper for us in “His” eyes? If we aren’t willing to love our neighbors as we would ourselves, “Doing unto others as we would wish others to do unto us,” how can we ever expect to have a meaningful life long relationship with any member of the opposite sex?

By June of 2016 it had become pretty obvious to me that my ideas about the acceptable age range for an appropriate mate (10 years younger or older) was a part of the very reason I had yet to find one. When you combine that with the parallel message to me from God that, “It’s time to stop testing and earnestly start trusting in His guidance,” you just might be able to understand why I’m scrapping any notions about adhering to a standardized dating age limit formula. From here on in, “What God wants me to do with any age woman is all that matters.”

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