How To Attract A Blind Guy: Dating Brian: A Single Man Looking For Love.

Talk! Say Something! Let him know you are there! That’s usually the first step to letting a blind person know you are interested in them. Actually verbal communication is part of the package when it comes to letting any guy know you’re interested in them. So, in this regard using speech to attract a blind guy will really come in handy just like it does with sighted guys.

Be yourself unless of course you really are a Complete Moron. However, if that really is the case, chances are that most blind people will see through your façade.

So, perhaps it would be best that you try for someone sighted; optical people being more easily distracted by the visuals. This is, of course, provided that you have something to offer in the visual department that is attractive enough physically to distract a sighted man from the fact that you really are a substandard organism in human form.

Personal hygiene is important just like it is with sighted people. However, because us blind guys don’t have vision to distract us from what our noses are telling us about how often a woman showers and brushes her teeth, we’re likely to pick up on it faster. This will particularly be a point of concern for you if you’re a woman with a nice body in general, who only does these things once a week, whether you need to or not. So, as an overall part of the package that makes up you, smelling pleasant without it being over powering is definitely in your favor.

Well maintained fingernails are important. Don’t think for a second that I don’t check out a woman’s nails the second she touches my hand with hers. Yes! Even if she’s working a register and helping me to sign for my card purchases I check out her hands without her even noticing what I’m doing. I’m good at this kind of thing and other blind guys are, too. Not all blind people perhaps, but us shrewd ones are out there.

Hair, too, is important; making you or breaking you, especially if the length is down past the shoulders; making it easy for a blind guy to check out its texture without a woman ever noticing what’s going on. “Yup!” If you’re a long haired beauty leading a blind guy (a restaurant hostess or sales associate might do this) you just never know if the condition of your hair was noted by him or not.

If I touch a woman’s hair and it feels greasy and (or like tangled straw) it’s a real turn off to me. “And,” to be honest; if a woman can’t be bothered to take care of what other people see then there is a good chance that she’s not taking care of the parts of herself that she wouldn’t normally display to the general public.

I personally am attracted to women with long soft, silky, clean smelling hair that is at least shoulder length. I just love the feel of a woman’s clean soft long hair as I run my fingers through it and when it brushes against my body, arm, face, etc. Even if it just brushes against the back of my hand in passing it leaves me with a peaceful sort of feeling.

Not all blind people (just like sighted ones) like to be touched so you’re going to have to make some judgment calls there. Keep in mind, too, that blind guys (like the sighted ones) have a preference as to body type. So, don’t go off thinking that just because a blind guy can’t see you with his eyes he won’t notice or care about your saggy rear, boobs, beer belly, etc. True, he might like boobs that sag, or just decide that how low your ass hangs to the ground really isn’t important. However, he will notice these things sooner or later depending upon his level of experience in handling interactions with women.

“Yes!” If you haven’t figured it out by now; us blind people have our own ways of detecting a woman’s body type. The clues range from the way she sounds when she walks to the things she accidently betrays about herself to a guy like me as she’s attempting to inexpertly (and sometimes even expertly) assist at a register, a door, helping one of us cross a very busy intersection, etc.

I am personally attracted to women who aren’t afraid to touch me as we’re talking. Girl’s that naturally reach out and take my hand as we’re carrying on a conversation gain higher marks from me then those who stand ten feet away during a conversation; clearly afraid of going blind themselves just because they were in my presence.

Women who genuinely find my jokes about blindness amusing are also attractive to me, too. “Yes!” If a woman is laughing at something I’ve said out of pure nerves and shock I certainly can tell. For me, it’s the confident women who are attractive along this vein and beyond.

Of course, depending upon the woman, even if she is my type; I may at times have difficulty picking up on signals that confirm that she really does want me to ask her for her phone number because they are too visual. So, if you really are trying hard to attract a blind guy and failing terribly, your best approach should be the direct one.

We’re differently abled people who, sometimes to many, seem to have mystical powers. “And,” perhaps to some extent we do. However, “Like all of the normal sighted women who want to attract any type of man on earth they desire,” us blind guys have our limitations.

Bottom line? The easiest way to attract a blind guy (if you’ve got all the above mentioned qualities down pat) is simply to walk up and ask him out. It won’t kill you to do so and the worst that could ever happen, like with any other man, is that he’ll say he’s not interested in you!

Why? Because at the end of the day, blind guys like me are still men. Yes! We’re differently abled men but still men all the same. Cheers!

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