College Student Hookup Websites And Apps Can’t Offer Women This: Dating Brian: A Single Man Looking For Love.

Having graduated and worked at Sussex County Community College myself; I can certainly understand why hard working women taking classes want to keep focused on their studies and avoid the usual stress, plus other complications that dating men can often create. Even now, being single and working hard to grow my desktop publishing business, my own time is limited. So, “Yeah,” I get the lure that simply hooking up via websites, apps, and other methods might have for some college women.

However, for me even now, as tempting as it may be to use any kind of a Hookup Site to locate a healthy partner interested in sharing a highly pleasurable outlet (Wink Wink) and guaranteed none consequential fun in general; I would much rather give my very heart and soul to a woman who is physically fit, honest, trustworthy, loyal, attractive and generally interesting to be around!

“Yes!” I enjoy sex! But that isn’t all I’m interested in making time for over the course of a busy day!

“True!” Hooking up is the Segway into a lifelong relationship for many women in college and beyond; becoming more and more the norm as a substitution for traditional dating. But, when you’re picking your mates based on a chemistry driven, “Screw first and ask questions second,” agenda; one does have to wonder if hooking up is truly the Segway into a “quality” life long relationship for many women that many seem to think it’s cracked up to be.

“Now,” as a guy; I’m asking this knowing what kind of trouble I can get into when letting a certain part of the male anatomy take charge, or even have a partial say in the decision making process when it comes to allowing women into my life. So, “Yeah,” knowing that the hookup culture is recognized by some to have started back in the 1980’s and that the divorce rate in this country has been at the 50 percent mark for quite a few years now; I have to ask the women reading this, “Are you sure you want to trust chemistry First in making a choice that can very easily alter the outcome of your life?”

Honestly; if you’re just looking to get off, “They make toys for that.” If you are looking for a real relationship that’s hassle free; guys like me can certainly provide you with that.

“Sure!” It’s rather disheartening to spend time with a person only to discover that they aren’t really what you were looking for. However, sleeping with someone first, running a high risk of getting knocked up by them or worse, only to discover that they totally aren’t what you wanted after they’ve had their way with you isn’t exactly the best way to go; being far more trouble than it’s worth when compared to the more traditional dating scenario.

“Now,” to be clear, “I’ve done the hookup thing myself a few times.” But, while it has led to “some” of the best sex I’ve ever had, it hasn’t exactly done much for me beyond that.

There is a huge difference between having some really good sex with someone you know you’d kill if you had to live with them for more than a week and someone you honestly love truly, deeply, madly. While there is always the possibility that a hookup could lead to an awesome lifelong love affair… Well… “I think the divorce rate pretty much drives my point home don’t you?”

“However,” I do have some good news for the woman who tripped through this site looking for information regarding hookups with other college students. What you are looking at here is something college student hookup websites and apps can’t offer you. “The very low risk opportunity to meet a guy who doesn’t do dating the theatrical drama charged way.”

“True!” You might not get the instant sex you would otherwise get just hooking up. However, I can guarantee that the sex you “might” get down the line from this two time college graduate will be a physical, emotional and spiritual experience; more in line with universal law and the path you were destined for, as a part of God’s design.

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