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After talking with a friend about marriage, divorce and everything in between; I couldn’t help but think that there must be at least one universal law that could be applied to finding someone to share our lives with. I’m not talking about the laws that tell us how to conduct ourselves before marriage, or even during marriage. I’m talking about the Universal Laws that govern how to find our way to the person we are “meant” to initiate courtship with in the first place.

After all; there are some concrete universal rules of the road when it comes to obtaining material wealth, along with general rules about how to treat people in a Universally acceptable way. So, why wouldn’t there be at least one guideline that we can follow to help us find the person we “should” marry?

With this thought in mind, I naturally turned to the internet; thinking that I might get some valuable insight from there regarding finding one’s soul mate or future spouse. Needless to say, “I struck out big time!”

After turning away from the internet in disgust; I pulled out my digital copy of the most noted, widely sold, when not freely distributed, Universal Law Book known to man and began searching everything I could find related to “wife” and “woman” to see what I could find that would be useful. I found quite a lot in there about Marriage Law. This included a bit about divorce, too.

Jesus plainly tells us in Matthew 19:3-12 that, even though there were laws given in the Old Testament permitting divorce under certain circumstances, Divorce wasn’t ever supposed to be a part of the plan. It is implied, in so many words, that once a man and woman marry they become one body; divorce being the equivalent to physically sawing a person in half.

Matthew 19:3-12 seems to also suggest that marriage and sex is not for everyone. Which is all well and good, however, it still didn’t help me to find what I was looking for; information on how to determine who one should date in the first place, if one were to be with anyone at all.

Funnily enough, in my hunt through the Bible for information, I kept circling back to the story of Rebekah and Isaac; Genesis 24. I’m not going to get into the finer points of this story here. But, in a nutshell, God was available to assist in the search for a proper wife for Isaac. It was God who made it possible for Rebekah to be found and for Isaac to marry her. When God was asked for assistance during the search in finding Isaac a wife, “God gave it.”

“No!” There isn’t anything wrong with knowing what we want socially and materially. But, what I’ve discovered over time is, deciding, “First,” and then acting upon that decision; asking for God’s help with acting, “Second…” Well… It’s a guaranteed suicide mission; nothing short of a recipe for disaster. It is clear to me that this holds true, even in matters of the heart; Genesis 24 clearly illustrating how a proper search for anyone or anything is to be done.

“True!” Many folks in life probably feel like they’ve got better chances of meeting Satan in a dark alley than they ever do of getting married. However, by making a fundamental shift in the way we view God and how the Lord works in everyone’s life, “All things suddenly become possible.”

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