Attracting Men After 40: Dating Brian: A Single Man Looking For Love.

Regardless as to what age you are in all of your womanly form; this post should give you an excellent overview as to how attraction generally works with a lot of us men. After reading this post you will see clearly that there is no real trick to attracting men after 30, 40, 50, or even 60 any more than there is a technique for it when you are twenty; unless your personality and character need a makeover.

Using my own personal preferences as an example: I am a good man over 40 who can easily find the value in being with a woman who is older or younger than me. It’s pretty easy to get my attention, “Honest!”

“No Ladies!” I’m afraid that you’re going to have to work a little harder than just walking buy in a short skirt and heals to get my attention though. I ain’t no Hound Dog, “You know?” However, a girl who talks with a smile in her hart and who has a fun loving sense about her quickly grabs this Sussex County NJ Single’s attention!

True, too is the fact that I like a woman with technological skill. A woman who knows computers and things along those lines is always going to be hot in my book! She doesn’t have to be a wiz with technology but one who can at least grasp the concepts behind things like Website Design, eBook Publishing and Online Marketing Strategies. A girl who can comprehend these things will admittedly always be bound to peak my interest more than other women.

Ok, I confess! I’ve actually turned around and started talking to women on line with me just because of the pleasantness of the perfume that they were wearing. Scents that are flowery and not over powering tend to get my attention, “Even as a man!”

A girl (older or younger than me) who clearly takes care of her health, is physically active and is in reasonably good shape is someone I can enjoy being around. This is simply because I’m rather physically active for my age. Couch potato I am not and I really like to do stuff that involves moving around, rather than just sitting or standing around; stationary for hours at a time.

Of course, I understand that no woman is physically perfect and neither am I. I also understand that there are conditions that may prevent a woman from being in better shape than what she is.

However, I’ve come to conclude over time that those who have a positive image of themselves despite any real physical challenges, (arthritic conditions, vision loss, permanent injuries) and a positive attitude to go with it tend to have a more solidly built body than those who simply wallow in their pore health or physical defects. So, if you’re a woman reading this that has a physical condition that cannot be helped and you are doing all that you can do to take care of yourself without complaint; you still would be attractive to me. “Hot doesn’t equal a perfect ten!”

So, basically, when it comes to attracting men over 40 who are like me; even for the woman looking to attract men after 20; you have better chances if you…

  • Are clearly taking care of yourself physically.
  • Are positive mentally.
  • Know how to give as well as receive emotionally and sexually.
  • Are passionate about what you do.
  • Are independent.
  • Love who you are.
  • Are confident in a none bossy kind of way.

If you are a woman of any age with qualities matching a majority of the things I’ve just mentioned, “You’ve got a really good chance with me personally.” However, it should be noted, too, that if these qualities are a part of who you really are you’ll attract just about any guy over 40 with a brain, “If not me!”

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