Premarital Sex Misconceptions: Dating Brian: A Single Man Looking For Love.

In the Old Testament and New; The Bible makes it pretty clear that premarital sex is not a bright idea if you are looking to stay on the Lord’s good side. However the bible also makes it pretty plane that The Bible is a secondary resort for guidance; only to be referred to when we are unable to connect with God, through his son Jesus, “Directly.” Therefore; there may actually be a time or two when God, for reasons known only to himself, may tolerate a premarital sexual encounter from time to time. “But this is only with His blessing.”

“Now,” in order to fully grasp what I’m talking about here, one will have to have a certain level of open-mindedness, as well as a mature understanding of life through experience on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. One who has intensely studied their dreams out of a desire for truth and has greatly increased their self-awareness through meditation will also have a snowball’s chance in hell; understanding completely what it is that I’m talking about here.

Am I saying that God will come to women in a dream and tell them that he wants them to sleep with their next door neighbor’s Husband or son? “No,” I’m not. The Lord might have given David somewhat of a free pass for his conduct involving Bathsheba. However, even there, there was a price to be paid and David accepted the penalty without complaint.

However, the fact cannot be denied that the Bible emphasizes that our ultimate goal in life should be to form a personal relationship with God. Jesus himself expresses this quite plainly in all that he is quoted as saying in Matthew; Chapters 5-7.

Even our church leaders tell us, “Form a personal relationship with God.” Yet; when asked how to do this our church leaders tell us to read The Bible, which in turn tells us to, “Form a personal relationship with God.”

No one wants to talk about how it feels when the Holy Spirit is working through us; living within us; moving in us and at times causing us to move. No one wants to teach how one can actually reach a state where it is truly possible to commune with our Lord.

No one from organized religion is sharing how dreams can be used effectively to guide us; enabling another channel to be open, which could be used to more clearly understand God’s will for each of us. Combine dreams with what you feel in your body and you will know very quickly whether or not it is God’s will telling you to do something, or just your own free will trying to run the show.

I’m not talking here about trying to hear voices. I’m talking about using the body and mind God gave each of us to reach an elevated state in which it is possible to receive the guidance through sensation and impression that Jesus tells us God will grant; should we seek him in earnest.

“True!” You can’t dream when you are awake; making it only possible to check your senses, determining whether or not it is your own free will dragging you towards the bedroom with someone, or the will of the Lord. And, if you’re not married to the person you are heading to bed with, “You’d better make damn sure that it truly is the will of the Lord you are following and not your own lustful desires.”

In those situations where you are sorely lacking the ability to connect with the Lord in the way I’ve described; you certainly would be better off following the general rules of marriage laid out in the New Testament in particular. Otherwise; you’ll have to learn the hard way, and perhaps are already, suffering the consequences of your actions until you get it write.

When it comes to sex; I’ve grown to understand that it is best for us if we look to God for guidance as to when we should be engaging in intercourse in particular, totally focusing upon what God’s desire for our partner is in that highly intimate moment, “Not our own.”

Scientifically, sex, in and of itself, promotes healing in the body when experienced in moderation. God knows this and, no doubt, planned it that way. “Sure!” Sex is intended as a reproductive function of the body. However, science tells us that it can also help to balance a body chemically and, as an end result, emotionally as well.

If God knows a person is in need of the kind of tune-up that only sex can provide; there is a good chance that the Lord might intentionally steer two people into the bedroom to insure that the needs of one or both of them is met. This is a very real possibility, especially if it is to enable one or more parties to carry out God’s agenda.

We know from The Bible that the preferred way to go is to marry first and then have sex. But we also know that The Bible advises two people who are already sleeping together to make sure they get married to avoid the consequences of their actions. However, we also know that certain sexual indiscretions are tolerated by the Lord if at least one of the parties involved is willing to carry out His wishes; all compliments of the story about David and Bathsheba.

Granted; many Christians will read this and say that, “I’ve got it all wrong.” However, based on my own walk with the Lord, I’m going to have to say, “No I don’t.”

Being a sinner who has had sex many times without ever getting married; I know that there are times when the Lord will make exceptions to the rules written down in his own book, “The Bible.” Where I’ve run into trouble with the Lord is when I go out and have sex whenever I want, “Without asking his permission first.”

Each time I’ve done whatever I’ve wanted to do, , with whomever I wanted to do it with, , without regard for the Lord, the problems in my life multiplied. Life in general became more difficult. However, whenever I’ve followed the cues the Lord has given me with regard to sex and everything else, “Life has always become very rewarding.”

If I’m wrong in all of this, “Yes,” I will burn for it. However, the overwhelming feelings I have on my view of sex before marriage tell me I’m not wrong, because they are coming from something inside me that is much larger than all of us. “That can’t be a coincidence.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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