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It’s amazing to me what some think and tell people about my love life! However, just to set the record straight, the truth of the matter is that I’m not spoken for in any way, shape or form!

What is true? Well… I might have what a few people might see as some outrageously high standards. But considering the fact that I never really sat down for the better part of my life to think about what it is I’m looking for in a wife; it’s rather amazing that I’ve come up with a list of standards to go by at all! If only I had done this twenty something years ago!

Sure! For most of us; dating someone you feel attraction for is a no brainer. However, I will be the first to admit that the reason I have never been married and am single today is because I never stopped to break down what I found attractive about women in the first place. It was always just a feeling and I went with it without questioning what it was that I was doing or even if it was really what God wanted for me in my life.

However, after a few years of having taken a break from dating, I can honestly say what kind of woman I want to be with. Fun, passionate, successful, physically fit, faithful and working in partnership with God is the short but accurate description of what kind of girl I’d date and would even consider marrying.

A fun woman is a girl with a sense of humor. A passionate woman is loving, enjoys intimacy and really gets into the things that interest her. A physically fit woman is someone who can do things like hike, bike, swim and play tennis without stroking out. A faithful woman is honest about how she is feeling in a relationship and doesn’t need to substitute communicating her true feelings with her partner by running away or committing adultery. A successful woman is one who asks God for what she can have and then goes after what “God” has directed her to achieve.

I have no problem in sharing my life with someone who looks at issues that are bound to arise in any committed relationship from the perspective of, “We,” rather than the angle of, “My Problem,” or, “Your Problem.” I certainly wouldn’t object to putting our issues before God together and allowing him to guide us (praying to God together) regularly, either.

A Christian woman with a positive attitude and desire to deepen our relationship would be a true blessing to me. A girl serious about sharing in an everlasting relationship and honestly working towards keeping God’s commandments would certainly be a huge plus!

I don’t know if what I’ve just described really exists in womanly form around Sussex County NJ. However, I’ve got a feeling that putting this page up, to let true Christian women know that I’m here, is a step in the right direction.

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