How To Satisfy A Man In The Bedroom Every Time: Dating Brian: A Single Man Looking For Love.

Perhaps a few more women will run like hell when they see me coming after reading this. But the idea for this post came way too easily and with a particular feeling I just couldn’t ignore; signaling that I really do need to tell women the 3 things that I fully enjoy during intimate moments.

“Yes!” This man knows exactly what a woman should do to truly satisfy Him. Of course, it doesn’t mean I expect it. However, the 3 things a girl can do to be seen as the best in bed by me are…

  1. Give oral sex: The woman who is happily ready, willing and able to perform fellatio to the point of helping me achieve orgasm has my attention hands down.
  2. Be active: Rather than just being a dead log waiting to be resurrected from a petrified state; it’s a huge turn on to me when I’m with a girl that is confident enough to make a few moves on her own. If you’re wondering if I’m one of those men who like aggressive women in bed; let’s just say that a girl who shows initiative in the bedroom is a dream come true.
  3. Relax about being naked: No woman’s body is perfect. There is no such thing as the perfect form and I totally understand that. To me; so long as you are a woman who takes good care of her body and is pleasant to be around, “You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of when getting naked with me.”

Women should know too that I view sex as being more than just fellatio or intercourse. Touching and kissing count as sexual activity and I enjoy spending lots of time doing just that, as well.

More than just a physical experience; sex involves two participants equally willing to give of themselves to each other. But it goes even deeper than that; enabling us to share the very core of our beings; loving each other in a way that is acceptable to one another and, more importantly, “God.” So, with the Lord as my guide, you can rest assured that, “I happily give back,” too.

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