Why Men Treat You Badly: Dating Brian: A Single Man Looking For Love.

“How come men abuse them,” is a question that I’ve heard many women ask over the years; claiming they aren’t happy with their relationships. To me; it’s really not surprising that so many women are miserable with the men they “choose” to be with. “Yet,” the answer they seek is staring them right in the face and they refuse to acknowledge it.

You see; the fact of the matter is, “The confident woman rarely attracts bad boys.”

That’s right. I just wrote that. In fact; it’s been my own personal experience that the more you treat a woman like crap the more she will cling to you. “Why?” “Lack of self-confidence.”

It’s almost like a lot of women out there have to love a man first and then love to hate him second as the relationship progresses. It’s like watching the 10:00 PM news before going to sleep. The world wouldn’t be right for people if they didn’t get their daily dose of negativity before the day ends, “Right?” Well, like with the negativity many folks thrive on coming out of their TV sets; many women thrive on negative treatments born out of their relationships with men.

A woman will more than likely get bent out of shape; raving to her friends and family about everything her significant other does wrong. But, “The stuff he does right,” doesn’t get nearly as much air time.

“Now!” Before you run along to the next site; looking for a silver fingered blogger who will happily blow smoke up your ass, “Think about this.” The “confident” woman generally “doesn’t” attract bad boys.

Women who are confident are comfortable in their own skin. They don’t need to be on the arm of a man to feel emotionally validated. To them; a relationship with a man is an enhancement to their lives, “Not just another problem to deal with.”

In fact; if you are a woman in doubt of what I’m telling you all you have to do is go to your public library or local book store. There you will find loads of books on how to pick up women; some strategies offered within their pages involving men acting like jerks to illicit the desired response from the girl they want.

“True!” A rational person wouldn’t think that being a total ass to the girl you want to bed is the way to go. However, for some strange reason a lot of women will draw closer to the man who does this; sleeping with him sooner than later.

“Oh!” And before I forget… Did I mention that some of the books containing different variations of the jerk formula for getting the girl are written by authors who have Ph.D.’s in Psychology? Victoria Zdrok is one such author; peddling some rather underhanded tactics to men on how to manipulate women via emotional head games in her book, “Dr. Z on Scoring.”

However, if you are a woman serious about being around men who will respect you as a human being, “Stop hanging around the men who don’t.” “Yes,” it is easier said than done. But, if a man really is treating you badly, “Why would you stay with him?”

“Also,” there is the Lord’s power to help you, which should always be considered. You are way less likely to go wrong with a potential mate, and might even be able to salvage your relationship with a problematic one, if you have a close personal relationship with the Lord. Matters of Love and life in general become much easier to deal with when you know God has your back; leading you every step of the way.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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