Can A Relationship Work If The Woman Makes More Money? Dating Brian: A Single Man Looking For Love.

So you’re wondering, “Can a relationship work if the woman in the relationship makes more money than the man,” ha? In Sussex County NJ, “It’s debatable!” A lot depends on the morals/ego/security of the man involved with the woman.

Some men will sponge off of any woman and even abuse her, too, if he can get away with it. So, yes, a relationship certainly can work if a woman makes more money. Just not always to the advantage of both parties.

“However,” not all relationships are dysfunctional, or will even turn dysfunctional just because a woman is making more money than her man. This is because of the fact that in a healthy loving relationship between two emotionally balanced people, “It doesn’t make a difference who’s making more money!”

“True!” Some will say that it does matter and that should tell us all something about that individual when they say this two us. However, the reality is that if a man can’t handle that his girlfriend or wife makes more money than he does, and is willing to allow it to impact their relationship negatively, “He just isn’t much of a man at all!”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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