Catherine Moore; Facebook Dating Ignoring Married Law And God: Social Issues: An Inner Visionary’s World View.

On Friday, October 14, 2016 pictures of Johnny D’Angelo of Newton NJ and Catherine Moore of Cape Coral Florida were posted on Facebook. The pictures showed them together; despite the fact that Catherine Moore was a married woman with three children and living with her husband at her in-laws house. Clearly, ethics weren’t a concern for these two lovebirds, any more than the law is; Universal and otherwise. “However,” even more disturbing were some of the responses folks had to these pictures; clearly speaking to the all-time low in the moral values they would have otherwise had if they truly knew the Lord.

Johnny D’Angelo And Catherine Moore Together:

Catherine Moore With Johnny D'Angelo

“Yup!” Unless I’ve missed something here; it looked to me as if folks like Jill Huber Romel of Hackettstown New Jersey, Bella Medina of Newton New Jersey, Katie Sue of Newton New Jersey, Lynn Rose Brittany of Smyrna Delaware and Joan M Flatt of New York New York didn’t seem to have a problem with Johnny D’Angelo’s relationship with Cat. However, since I know I’m not always perfect in my understanding of things; I’ve decided to make a sample of what was written as per October 16, 2016, available for you to download by Clicking Here. This way you can see for yourself.

When I became alerted to what was going on; I really couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I know folks post stuff to Facebook all the time. However, if you are going to have an extra marital affair are you really sure you want to put pictures of some of the things you are doing with your significant other where any old soul from the general population can find them?

If you are on the friend list of someone flaunting an extra marital affair to the world; is this something you want to publically condone for all the world to see? Your boss (for example) or another co-worker could be looking at your Facebook profile without you even being aware of it. Is this the kind of thing you want them to know; you praise people for committing adultery?

“And,” what about the children involved? What thought do people like Catherine Moore and Johnny D’Angelo spare for them? Is this something that even a mother of one wants to have their child discover?

Jesus makes it abundantly clear that we are judged by the company we keep. God himself tells us that committing Adultery is one of the ten best ways to get on his dark side. So, clearly, supporting those in their adulterous ways is just as bad as committing the act ourselves.

“True!” There are places in The Bible that let us know that sinning out of ignorance is excusable to some extent. However, I do believe that even non-Christians know that Adultery is against the law; being grounds for divorce and could even cost a mother her children in the process.

There are consequences for all of our actions; the hand of God clearly manifesting itself in the lives of all of us. Work with the Lord in our daily lives, allowing him to guide our actions, and he will reward us at some point. It might not be the reward we want. But it will be something to our benefit.

“However,” if we continually thumb our noses at the Lord and live according to our own personal laws and desires; The Lord will most certainly make sure we reap what we sow. I’ve made enough mistakes in my own life to see how this process will work and can assure you that, if you are paying attention to the chain of events in your own life, you already know what I’m talking about.

For those folks who have already sunk deep into the kind of behavior that would cause some of us to label them as Gutter Sluts; there is always redemption. However, it requires one to acknowledge to God, in the name of His son Jesus, that they know what they’ve been doing is wrong and are willing to make an assertive effort to change. Only after one has done this, and has sincerely asked the Lord for forgiveness plus help in turning their behavior around, can they truly ever expect to see real positive change in their lives.

I don’t know that Johnny D’Angelo and Catherine Moore have the strength of character to come clean with the Lord and make the effort required for living a more honorable life; allowing the Lord to bestow His wisdom and guidance upon them. However, particularly where Cat Moore’s three children are concerned, one can only hope that Mom will want to change her behavior in short order for their sake, even if she can’t do it for herself and her husband. “In Jesus name I pray.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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11 thoughts on “Catherine Moore; Facebook Dating Ignoring Married Law And God: Social Issues: An Inner Visionary’s World View.”

  1. Very well said! As a former victim of a long-term adulterous relationship by my spouse, the fallout and consequences to the injured spouse and children are beyond count. “The heart wants what it wants”, to quote Woody Allen, is a sad smokescreen for the harm these faithless men and women do to those who have committed for the long-haul, and the children who, as many do, turn to casual sex and drugs to mute the pain of a family ripped apart. If these selfish folks would cease – just for a moment – thinking only of themselves, perhaps they would realize that the momentary pleasure is not worth the permanent scars that will be carried by all for the rest of their lives.

  2. Catherine Moore here, speaking herself. You do not know or have the full story here. Matter of fact nothing was commited. I will be bringing this to the police station and going after you. Do not write or piblosh anything without knowing the full story. You are making me out to be some horrible person yet you’re leaving out the true facts. The facts that I was left a year ago by my husband for a coworker. While pregnant with our third child. Again, do mot publish anything about me, when you do not know me. As far as God goes, he sees all and knows all. He knows what truly happened and I can reassure you he forgives. As far as my children go, they are my whole world. They are the most important people to me. This article is extremely disrespectful. I will be pressing charges.

  3. *publish*not. And as far as God goes and being a “man of God”, yet using the words “gutter slut”. You’re not a man of God at all. You are a disrespectful man involved in the other half of the story that obviously is very twisted and full of lies. I will be more than happy to put the truth out there with pictures of my husband and his gf together. Don’t sit here painting a picture making me look like the bad one. Why don’t you stay out of other peoples lives and work on your own.


  5. As you stated earlier, you were “alerted,” to what was going on. You were alerted by someone in close relation to Catherine’s “husband.” There are always two sides to a story. Ironically, her “husband” was already actively involved with another woman. In fact, he chose to get involved in an extramarital relationship while Catherine was pregnant with his child. So let’s not sit here and split hairs. In fact, I was personally alerted that you may have at one time been involved romantically with one of his family members. Sounds to me from a writing standpoint like a huge bias. Easy to drag someone else’s name through the dirt when you have a deeply biased, one-sided version of a story, that is a false representation of what actually happened. Furthermore, your writing is rather passive-aggressive; coming off like an innocent Christian, when this whole article is a slanderous attack on two individuals that you know nothing about personally, outside of your lackluster Facebook stalking. If you care to preach on the topic of adultery, perhaps you should first make sure that the party you’re so strongly siding with isn’t in fact guilty of engaging in the exact act with which you so passionately oppose. I pray that God is as forgiving and merciful as the God I was raised to know. Because if we speak of the same God, he knows the truth and he will certainly take mercy on you for all your ignorance and misguided hate. As for the two individuals you so harshly bashed in this article, I’m certain that they will be just fine. They aren’t the sinners here and perhaps the next time you write an article so personally directed at someone, you’ll have a better knowledge of what you’re speaking of, rather than a misguided, fabricated attack. For legal purposes, I hope this piece of writing was worth whatever slice of accomplishment you felt you may have achieved while writing it.

  6. Hey Brian, uhm why are you so nosey about other people’s business? Especially if you have nothing to do with it? You look so sad, like this is what a 16 year old girl would write and post it to her tumblr. Bahahaha, you’re literally pathetic and you have nothing better to do with your life but keep this little blog running that no one reads. This is slander towards Catherine, not that you actually care, So you can go back to living in your mothers basement and doing what ever virgins do. Later boo boo!

  7. Wow. Couldn’t take the fact that people who know the truth jumped in on my defense? You’re a coward. Have fun speaking to my lawyer though. Hope this article full of lies was worth it.

  8. After careful consideration, which included pulling this post for about a 24-hour period so I could research it from a legal perspective; I have confidently concluded that this post will stand, “All Comments Included.” Moreover; I am writing this response knowing full well that there is no getting through to any of the people who have negatively commented here. Their way is the only way and they will not for a second stop to consider an opposing view point, even if it is based on fact.

    “However,” if someone with half a brain has supporting records that disprove what I’ve written, based upon documentation the state of Florida, any Christian church, and I already have in our possession, I would be more than happy to revise this post. “But,” since I’m confident that I’m the only one in this crowd who thought through things before posting; I’m not holding my breath that anyone can back up the statements they’ve left here with anything other than their mouth; no court of law accepting words alone as proof.

    If we are all to be judged by the negative comments written thus far, “God help us.” But, don’t take my word for it because I’m too stupid to know anything, let alone back up what I write, “Right?” Cheers!

  9. The fact is that, even if her husband was cheating on her, that doesn’t condone a tit-for-tat response. Speaking as someone who was married for 17 years to a man who had an off-again, on-again relationship with another married woman, and had 3 children by her, I re-iterate that she has no business doing what she is doing while she is married. If she is not happy, get a divorce and leave the domicile of her in-laws. I will stand by Brian’s assessment, as he is right on the money. It appears that many are actually reading his blog, although few appear to have the moral compass to understand right from wrong. Her focus should be on her children at this point, and her love life should wait until she is on her own and gets her life on track. To quote Woody Allen, whose love life has been a perpetual mess, “A heart wants what a heart wants” is the world’s way of saying that anything goes, if it feels good. God has rules and standards that run counter to that view. Unfortunately, few have the vision to see wrongdoing for what it is, and fewer have the backbone to call it out. You can’t serve God and Satan. Make your choice. Also, I think many of those who “contributed” their views need to acquire a bit more maturity, as well as a few lessons in proper English grammar and spelling. Brian, kudos to you for sticking to your guns and not caving in to idle and ignorant threats!

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