Knowing How To Email Donald Trump Won’t Help A Blind Person: Social Issues: An Inner Visionary’s World View.

Even The Donald would have to agree; America’s Attitude towards its blind population has partly resulted in government overspending and the breakdown of Social Security in particular. In fact; if you were to sit down and make a list of all the things “We The People” expect our government to do for us, you would find that blind people are on an expensive list of stuff that the government is expected to fund.  Because of what is largely gross negligence by the average American; it’s going to take way more than writing an email to Donald Trump to make America great again.

“Yes!” While I do appreciate the fact that most Americans are of the opinion that people like me should not have to work; I would much rather be self-sufficient and totally free from having to deal with any administrators of local, state or federal Entitlement Programs. I’m not saying that folks should buy my books through the Amazon Kindle Store or talk to me about my web hosting services just because I’m a blind person. But just because I’m blind doesn’t mean I don’t have something of value to contribute to society.

If folks would stop to consider the unique abilities and talents within a differently abled and fully qualified individual like myself; America could be great again. Not just because fewer blind folks on entitlement programs means a budget reduction for the federal government, either.

Of course, if you are one of those folks who truly believe that it totally makes sense for blind people like me to receive help through local, state and federal Entitlement Programs, “Feel free to put some money towards an item on my Wish List by clicking this link to view it.” It’s not the way I would prefer to go. However, if you are convinced that my living at a point well below the poverty level is acceptable, despite my best efforts to overcome the Narrow Minded American Psyche, “A little extra cash would certainly go a long way towards helping me accept your point of view.”

Many blind people have never been opposed to trying to connect with employers who can recognize the fact that trends are changing rapidly, with regard to the way business is done in general, via technology. If employers and the purchasing general public alike could see how this change stands to positively effect “everyone” we’d all be a lot better off.

“Naturally,” open minded employers would be able to recognize that employing blind people is more than just a tax write off; knowing that hiring blind people would be a beneficial addition to their organization. But as it stands now; someone who can do a job with a dedication and pride that most “normal” people seem to be currently lacking doesn’t really seem to be something anyone is concerned about.

Today’s business world is certainly not the one our fathers worked in. Life in general is changing at a fast pace through computers, smart phones, tablets and so on. So why are so many folks taking a prehistoric approach to dealing with the blind and life in general?

“Surely,” anyone with a functioning brain can clearly see that advancements in technology are changing traditional practices every day, “And not just for the Corporate America Donald J. Trump comes from.” Thanks to changes in technology there is light at the end of the tunnel for “all” of us. But, why is it that only blind and visually impaired Americans are the only ones who can see it?

Did you know that the technological advances we’ve all experienced give an estimated seventy percent of the currently nonworking blind “college educated” individuals in the United States the opportunity to become more productive members of society? “Yup!” Through the creative and intelligent use of current technology, a blind person, who was smart enough to graduate college, could actually do something with their acquired skillsets to assist, “Even you!”

Current technology has already resulted in improving the job performance and general efficiency of the thirty percent of those blind individuals who are fortunate enough to have achieved gainful employment. “Hell!” Not even transportation has to be the issue that it once was for many blind folks.

Because of currently available software and electronics, in many cases, a blind person who already possesses the necessary skills, adaptive software, computer, DSL connection, and telephone could be performing jobs for an organization right from their own home. Setting up a work space in an employer’s place of business or making concessions do to transportation availability under such conditions becomes a concern of the past for all parties concerned.

Getting the blind working does not only go a long way toward saving millions of State and Federal tax dollars. Hiring many of these highly skilled and talented folks could save companies a lot of money if they were to be permitted to join the work force in the near future.

So, “What’s it going to be America?” Do you keep shunning the blind population; forcing them to continue utilizing those Entitlement Programs you say your government spends too much money on? Or, do you start seeing us as differently abled people, whose Uniqueness gives everyone at the table something of a higher value than what you’ve clearly got going on at present.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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