If You’ve Got The Cash I’ll Provide The Conflict To Spend It On: Social Issues: An Inner Visionary’s World View.

If someone from outer space ever heard us talking about our economic situation here in America they’d probably be shaking their head. Is there really any logic to what is going on these days? Before you answer you might want to think about this.

  • We are told to conserve things like gas but if people do that then cars are used less, sales in the Automotive Industry Drop and people lose jobs.
  • We are told that the health of the American public is at risk do to obesity. But if people are healthy the Medical Profession can’t make any money so there is another industry down the drain.
  • If we come up with cures for diseases like Cancer and Diabetes multiple industries will be effected and major amounts of people will be without work.
  • Having Disabled people in the Social Security System is a billion dollar business that keeps both “normal” people working in government and in the private sector.

Also, where would all the people work that are involved in dealing with the homeless if we actually were able to resolve that issue? You can’t deny that the homeless situation in the United States of America isn’t keeping other folks from becoming homeless.

“And,” if that isn’t enough to drive my point home; the Media knows full well how widely publicized negative news about the economy will affect the economy. “Yet,” they continue to contribute to economic downward spirals in the name of Journalism.

It’s not like the media doesn’t know that continually harping on about how bad things are will eventually cause people to buy into the Rhetoric; ultimately reacting by spending less and less. And yet, “The media does it anyway.”

It’s amazing how much money is generated by being conflicted isn’t it? We say we want solutions to problems but do we really?

Funny how all those problems mentioned above are keeping people working isn’t it? So why do we want to make all of those issues go away? Keeping negative issues around is making millions if not billions for at least a few people on a grand scale.

Besides; if we fix our energy issues and health issues (just to name a few) how will that stimulate our economy? Isn’t it great to be conflicted?

Author: Brian Schnabel

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