Only Jackasses Would Seek A Politically Correct Word For Blind: Social Issues: An Inner Visionary’s World View.

While in Walgreens on the weekend of May 14, 2016; I was reminded for the millionth time as to why I hate shopping in Sussex County New Jersey. This is because, while being assisted by an awesome Walgreens sales associate named Florence, some bimbo decided that her kid should say high to my Registered Seeing Eye Dog. “Now,” if the woman had wanted to teach the child some proper Blind Etiquette I wouldn’t have had a problem with that. After all, “Wouldn’t knowing how to display some proper etiquette around blind people be the politically correct thing to do?”

“And,” while we’re on the topic… Umm… “What do you do when you meet a blind person?” Have you any clue what so ever?

If you do, “Great.” But if you don’t you should at least know…

  • The only real difference between you and a person who is blind is that they are unable to see through their eyes what you can see with yours. And, if you’ve got enough depth to grasp that concept than you probably get that all of the other physical, emotional, spiritual and mental qualities comprising the attributes of any unique individual are present.
  • Registered Seeing Eye Dogs are not to be distracted when they are working. They aren’t around to entertain the public, or for anyone’s amusement. And, for the women in the crowd who say they can’t help themselves around my service dog just remember, “I like the feel of all natural boobs.”
  • Blind people can hear just fine. So you don’t have to raise your voice to talk with any of us.
  • Blind people speak the same language as everyone else. So, “Yes,” we might tell you about the movie we “saw” during the course of conversation, too. We just “see” things differently.
  • Blind people are just as useful as anyone else you know. “Wait!” Before I go any further… What kind of people do you know? Do you hang out with people who actually have a brain?
  • Blind people don’t have super senses. “We’ve just been using ours while you’ve been ignoring yours.”

There are a few other things about us that you will probably figure out just by surfing this site. However, I’m pretty sure that the bullet points above should give you the basic overall picture as to what my message is here.

If you are still struggling as to what the message is I will summarize it for you in a single sentence. “Don’t screw with my dog, treat me like I’m an extra-terrestrial, act like your smart and I’m stupid, or imply that blind people like me are useless.” If you can comprehend that without cringing than we’ll all just get along fine.

Author: Brian Schnabel

[Email:]: Seeking my very own Joan Watson in Elementary 26-year-old form; I’m plugin it all in here via Microsoft Word 2016, Windows 10, JAWS 18.0.2945 and the screen reader accessibility of WordPress 4.8.0.

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