John Wesley Smith Of Destiny Survival Radio Church Sermon: Meditations: Reflections From God’s Unbroken Creation.

Later in the very evening this sermon was given, July 13, 2016; I had the very great pleasure of receiving the audio recording of, “God Will Have His Way,” presented by John Wesley Smith at Northwood Baptist Church; 2345 East Northwood Drive, Columbia, MO 65202. This Audio lasts a snick over 28 minutes and, largely centered around Genesis 38, is well worth the time.

John is a member of the visually impaired/blind community and Attended what is now known as Grace University in an effort to kick start a career in radio broadcasting. Some will undoubtedly have visited his website, Destiny Survival (; perhaps even recognizing his voice from the many interviews he has conducted over the years via Destiny Survival Radio.

By playing the Scriptures on his cartridge player and making excellent use of the notes he was able to access in real-time from a text file on his Victor Stream; Mr. Smith did one hell of a presentation. To hear this sermon for yourself; simply click the play button below to stream the audio.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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