Dreaming About Bugs Meaning: Mind: A Tool Worth Mastering.

November 22, 2016 was one of those days where only about two hours of sleep was possible; if we could even call it sleep. However, during that two hours of largely dozing in and out; my dreams seemed to be desperately trying to tell me that I would be getting some help (or needed help) in dealing with those things that really bug me.

The bugs in all of my dreams were many and of the kind I couldn’t kill on my own. But I had a pretty 27 year old brunette for a girlfriend in my dreams and she was helping me to finally put an end to the little buggers.

Some of them were actually Yellow Jackets and others were of a variety that I did not know; other than the fact that they hurt just as much as the Yellow Jackets did when they bit me. But, as I said, I had my pretty young girlfriend to assist me with killing them.

By the end of these dreams, which kept waking me up, I was killing them on my own with ease. My pretty girlfriend was still helping me though and we seemed to be having fun killing all the bugs together.

All of these dreams seemed to be centered in my bedroom. But, in reality, this didn’t surprise me, because I did kill a few bugs in my bedroom about a week prior to the dreams.

Bugs and bees as dream symbols meaning:

When I am visited by bugs or bees in my dreams; they signal to me that negativity is currently being sent my way or is about to arrive. If I can kill the bugs and bees before they have a chance to bite me I know that whatever real-time negativity turns up will be easily dealt with. If I’m bitten, depending upon how often and the severity of the bites; this shows me just how hard I will have to work to deal with negative issues in reality.

Now, I did get bit a few times in these dreams, which was clearly a sign to me that the work I would have to do to resolve some current or possible future issues in reality would be light to moderate. If I had been swarmed and relentlessly attacked; then I would have been concerned.

However, this is the first time in a dream in which I had help killing bugs of any kind from anyone other than God; the Lord showing me that I am protected. Not only that; I was getting help from a girlfriend, “Which is a first.”

Conclusion about this bug dream:

The fact that this dream series took place in my bedroom suggests to me that we’re talking about the kind of attacks that are personal. Bedrooms are personal space for a lot of us aren’t they? Therefore; that makes sense.

The presence of a girlfriend in this kind of dream is a game changer. However, my suspicion is that the dreams were trying to show me that I’m no longer in a place where I need to solve all my problems on my own and could (or should) ask for help.

The other possible message is, “The Lord is sending someone who will happily help me resolve negative issues.” Either way, “God is good.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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