Pastor And Church Dream Meaning: Mind: A Tool Worth Mastering.

On May 10, 2016 I had a dream in which I was baptized in a blue Jacuzzi like tub. It wasn’t a navy blue tub. However, it was a bit darker than a medium shade of blue.

I couldn’t make out who was baptizing me. Obviously, the person performing the baptism was the pastor of the church.

I didn’t recognize the church I was in, either. I knew it was built long ago; the well maintained building being at least a century old, if not older. Beyond being able to see the incandescent lights high up in the ceiling of the place; everything was rather dark and shadowy.

Despite the seeming ambiguity of whom all the people were in the dream around me, mostly just shadows rather than distinct images, the dream this time felt much more peaceful. In the last dream I had about being baptized on July 7, 2015; that dream was anything but peaceful, especially when you stop to consider that it ended with my murder.

The dream on May 10, 2016 did end with me living through my baptism and actually getting out of the pool in front of a large group of shadowy onlookers. They were all rather quiet as they sat in their church’s original wooden pews.

Did I suspect that this dream was connected to the one from July 7, 2015? “Yes!” I knew right away upon waking that this dream was connected to the July 7 one and was a progress report of sorts.

“Now,” in order to understand where I’m going with all of this you will need to know what church pastors and churches themselves represent to me.

  • Pastor: The “head” of the church in a spiritual and social capacity. He is the leader of the church and go-between/broker; bringing God inspired messages to the Lord’s people and assisting God’s people in drawing closer to the All Mighty.
  • Church: The building and, even the congregation within it represents the spiritual strength and maturity of the Christian community. The physical structure of the church embodies a specific group of people who attend that church; making the condition and age of the church important. If the church is old and well maintained it is a sign to me that the congregation of that specific church is spiritually mature and strong in their faith, possessing a strong commitment to one another as a body.

What this dream suggested to me right off the bat was that I needed to find myself a community of Christian believers that were mature mentally/emotionally and strong spiritually. I say this because the church itself was clearly of a great age and pretty well preserved; being kept close to the condition that it would have been in when first built. It didn’t have a lot of the hallmarks of an old building that has been modernized, beyond perhaps the baptism pool, electrical and carpeting.

The pastor being unknown to me and the congregation being rather shadowy wasn’t a concern to me upon waking from this dream. It just suggested to me that I should be on the lookout for a church that stepped outside the zone of behavior I’ve experienced from most Christians I’ve ever worshipped the Lord with thus far.

The congregation quietly observing my baptism might be a cue to most people that we’re talking about a church full of Christian Conservatives. However, upon reflection, there is another explanation that feels more accurate to me. “The congregation is quiet because they are not passing judgement with regard to their personal observation of my relationship with God.”

How often do we all go to church where people make snap judgements as to what our personal relationship with the Lord is? For years I’ve heard rumors that I need to be saved; folks foolishly stating this to my friends behind my back. Of course, a few people have told me this outright to my face; basing their assertion on the fact that I’m blind and couldn’t possibly know the Lord in an acceptable manner.

And, “Yes,” it is amazing that people will assume my spiritual depravity long before they’ve ever taken the time to discover what my personal relationship with the Lord really is. So, “Yeah,” this dream signaled to me that I was to get the hell out of where I was and start looking for a church where I could draw closer to the Lord without being heavily judged in the process.

Also, “On a final note,” in the May 10, 2016 dream; one of the key things I noticed was the darkness of the blue color in the pool I was being baptized in. Generally speaking; blue denotes spirituality. The darker the shade of blue the more mature the representation is. In my July 7, 2015 dream the color of the pool was pale in comparison to the pool of the May 10 dream.

So, in a way, I do believe that the May 10, 2016 dream was trying to tell me that I have spiritually matured greatly in a ten month period. And, “I don’t doubt that for one second,” especially after what I went through; failing to get baptized as it is.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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