Dream Of Being Asked To Return To A Church: Mind: A Tool Worth Mastering.

In the dream I had on September 7, 2016; I was sitting in the back row of the church I used to attend in reality with my good friend Marilyn. We were sitting in our usual place in front of the sound board as I spoke to her. Apparently, in this dream, I was in the church as a courtesy visit; not really desiring to be there at all.

I was telling her that, once again, a pastor from the church had told me that I was all wrong in my understanding of things and that I needed to read my Bible, the second I asked them a question they didn’t want to answer. I was saying that I found this to be rather unacceptable behavior; knowing full well in my dream that developing a personal relationship with God went well beyond what was biblically written.

I also told her that it seemed as though the leadership wanted to continue to be a power only beholden unto itself. I felt certain in the dream that they wanted to do as they pleased without being challenged or corrected; the church leadership feeling that they were the only ones who had the right to challenge or correct anyone.

She seemed rather disappointed that I felt this way and responded at the end of the dream with a rather dejected, “Whatever.” I had the impression from the dream that she had asked me to come back owing to the fact that the church had a new regular pastor; hoping I would like him and want to once again regularly attend

However, it seemed to be this new pastor that I had taken issue with. I remember telling Marilyn in my dream that if the best a church pastor could do was belittle people while telling them to read The Bible, especially when faced with a question they didn’t want to honestly answer, they weren’t anyone I could really respect. I told her that I was certain they wouldn’t be anyone the Lord himself respected, either. I made it pretty clear by dream’s end that I wouldn’t be coming back to that church ever again; a change of heart requiring way more than just a new pastor.

“Now,” one of the first things that crossed my mind when I woke from this dream was, “Someone is going to make a play at getting me to return to the church I used to attend between June 2015 and May 2016.” However, if that really did happen, “It would take a lot of nerve on their end.”

Then I thought, “Perhaps I’m about to be told once again that I really don’t understand how things work in churches and the leadership is all right while I’m all wrong.” Maybe someone is going to try and tell me that I shouldn’t use my blog to point out things as I see them in real life situations; especially where Sussex County New Jersey Churches are concerned.

To be honest; neither scenario would have surprised me if they were to take place in reality. Anything is possible. So, in my mind, either possibility presented in the dream could have very well become a reality in short order.

What I knew for certain upon waking is that I needed to stick to my guns; avoiding churches that had pastors and leadership that didn’t want to be held accountable for what they said and did; spiritually and otherwise. I knew this because of what I was saying in the dream.

As mentioned in other posts; my words in dreams often tell me how to proceed in reality. In short; if I model my line of thinking in a dream, during a similar situation in reality, “I’ll do just fine.” If I don’t; I can tell you from personal experience that things will generally go right down the toilet. “God is good!”

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