The Company We Keep Defines Who We Are: Mind: A Tool Worth Mastering.

On May 29, 2016 I was starting my day rather early so that I could head on over to Newton First Baptist to attend Sunday school and the 11:00 AM service. Both were being led by Pastor Mottel Baliston. However, before even opening my eyes; it was evident to me that Mottel’s message would not be the first one I would be getting that day. My dreams had their say on May 29, “First.”

In this very vivid dream, that I had experienced after falling asleep for a short time before waking again, I was in an auditorium. The place had white tile floors and rows upon rows of theater seats in it. “Yup!” Every seat in the place was filled, too.

I seemed to be walking up and down the steps between rows 7 and 9. It was as if I was not really a part of the group; simply waiting for someone there to get ready to leave with me for dinner.

There was a man in his fifties on stage talking. But I’m not really sure about what, or even who he was. However, the people in the auditorium seemed genuinely interested in what he had to say.

After a few minutes of hanging around on the steps, which was actually the center aisle of the auditorium, I left to go hang at Authentic Pizza for a while. I figured I’d head back to the auditorium in a bit to see if my quarry was ready to join me yet.

At Authentic’s I was rather surprised to see Brian Weatherwalks behind the counter, as he was the former owner of the place. I decided to order a plate of spaghetti for later; not really wanting to order anything just yet at all. However, I figured that since I was there taking up space I should at least buy something.

The rest of the dream had me going back and forth between Authentic Pizza and the auditorium where everyone was listening to this speaker. I awoke before I ever found out who I was looking for in that auditorium between rows 7 and 9. However, my suspicion is that it really doesn’t matter because that wasn’t the point of the dream.

However, there are a few points that stand out here for me that I do think help to drive the point of the dream home.

  • Auditoriums are obvious places where people can go to focus on a performance put on by a group, or, individual. Individual folks may use an auditorium to disseminate information to a large audience of likeminded people.
  • Rows of seats in an auditorium can be reserved or simply filled by a group of people who have arrived to see a performance, special speaker, etcetera. For example: Those who go to the same church might wish to sit together, even though they are still a part of a larger audience. Hence my looking for someone I was to have dinner with between rows 7 and 9.
  • 7 plus 9 equals 7 when broken down into a single digit; something one would do in order to derive meaning from the numbers via Numerology. Some would say that the number 7 is a highly magical number. However, many others would also say that the 7th day is God’s day and the Lord’s Day of rest; God having worked so hard to create the world in the first six days of His busy work week.
  • Restaurants in general are places I go in order to get out and around people.
  • Buying food is normally what one does in a restaurant. It’s kind of a courtesy that one buys something from the establishment that they intend to hang out at.
  • Someone on stage is generally the focus of many people’s attention, especially in a concert hall or auditorium.

I’m not really surprised to have seen Brian Weatherwalks in this dream because, a few days prier, I discovered one of his old waitresses working at another establishment. So, that part makes sense to me. However, there is something to be said about the symbolism behind seeing someone work for a place they used to own. It’s kind of like a backward step.

“Now,” given the timing of this dream and the reference to the number 7; I’m pretty sure that the dream was trying to tell me something about my situation with Newton First Baptist Church. “Largely,” I’m pretty sure that the dream was a cautionary tale; designed to warn me that I may incur certain expenses down the line if I’m not careful in my association with the place.

However, too, since the dream took place in an auditorium; I’m pretty certain that the message regarding the church congregation as a whole was pretty clear, as well. I don’t think I need to spell this one out in detail for anyone. However, it cannot be denied that, for many folks, going to church on Sunday is like going to a rock concert, or listening to a Motivational speaker at a seminar.

Plainly; there is a warning for me here as well. “It’s dangerous to go to church only on the days that you know a preferred Pastor is going to be there.” In short, “Brian had better not become a Pastor Mottel groupie.”

Buying the spaghetti, while waiting for the unknown person that was still in the auditorium, tells me that waiting around for folks who are a part of a crowd that is disrespectful to the Lord is what is really going to cost me in the end. “And,” isn’t it true that the company we keep can define who we are, even in the eyes of God?

When I awoke on the morning of May 29; I was already keenly aware that I was heading to Newton First Baptist without really having been directed to go there by the Lord. As happy as I was to see a few people there; I knew in my heart that showing up was pushing the envelope with The Big Guy.

Therefore, I’m pretty sure that the dream was a warning in general; telling me to watch who I’m associating with and who they hang around. I think that is sound advice for any of us who are serious about growing ever closer to the Lord through his son Jesus.

Could we look at this dream another way? “Sure!” But given my personal associations with certain key symbols listed above, “This is the way I need to see this dream.” “God Rocks!”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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