The Why Of The Matter If I Don’t Remember My Dreams: Mind: A Tool Worth Mastering.

On the Morning of, Wednesday, May 25, 2016; I woke feeling very peaceful and rested for the second straight day in a row. I did have a vague dream on Monday the twenty-third about my Complex Manager. But that one was so hazy I didn’t even bother to write it down. However, I’m not worried about the “why” behind why I’ve had two nights of deep blissful dreamless sleep for four reasons.

  1. It’s a readjustment period: once I’ve made decisions and implemented changes in my life, based upon my intuition in general, there is usually a dry spell when it comes to my dreams. I may still wake from sleep with powerful impressions to help me navigate in the real world. Despite the absence of those clear, vivid, life like dreams that are invaluable to me; it is the feelings of piece that I can draw comfort from upon waking. This is because I know all too well that if I’ve made the wrong choices based upon my dreams and intuition in general; let’s just say that the night’s and mornings tend to “truly suck” and leave it at that.
  2. It’s a time for healing: sometimes when you dream almost every night, as I tend to do, it isn’t always the restful experience that the physical body needs in order to repair itself. In my case; my sleep cycles are often screwed up anyway. So, when you add the content of some of my dreams into the mix, my body isn’t always getting the amount of deep sleep that it needs in order for nature to run her course. So when you stop to take this into account, “Dry spells are good.”
  3. It’s the soul’s time out on sabbatical: In the bible we are clearly told that God will not usually reveal himself to us in a dream; most definitely not allowing us to recall ever seeing his face. “Yet,” I often feel like the Lord himself has been with me as I’ve slept; sharing with my very soul what the new pathway I am embarking upon will require of me going forward.
  4. The Torrent of information is coming: At the end of my dream drought I know that the highly informative dreams are going to be coming fast and furious. It’s as if the soul has returned from a highly informational seminar and ready to impart everything that it knows is important to me; all via a lot of very intense dreams.

I never really know how long my dreamless nights will continue for. But, when I’m sleeping peacefully and waking up feeling something extra special happened, “That’s good enough for me.” I feel at ease, too, knowing that what I need to know via my dreams will be revealed to me, “All in God’s good time.”

When I embarked upon exploring the mystical, magical, world of dreams; I didn’t always feel that extended periods of dreamless sleep were a good thing. There were times when I felt like the only true vision left to me had left me as well.

But, thankfully, “With time comes maturity.” So, “Yeah,” I now rest easy knowing that even dreams have their seasons. It’s not the quantity of the dreams we have that matter. It’s the quality of the dreams we have, which can make all the difference in the world.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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