The Dream Meaning Of Shopping In A Grocery Store: Mind: A Tool Worth Mastering.

On May 20, 2016 I awoke from the only dream I had for the night. This being a dream about grocery shopping in Weis Market; located here in Newton, NJ.

In this particular dream I was standing in the frozen foods section of the store and looking around for someone from the store that would be able to help me find what I needed. However, observing that there was no store staff in the frozen foods area, I took out my cellphone and called the store manager.

When the very pleasant sounding female store manager’s voice came on the line, I explained to her that I needed assistance in the frozen foods section of the store, as I was visually impaired. She happily told me that help was on the way and would be there shortly.

The very life like dream ended at this point. But I am pretty sure the message was clear. “Help will always be given by God to those who ask for it.” I believe this to be the correct interpretation because in reality…

  • I generally go to grocery stores to, “Get what I need.” Food is something I must have in order to avoid a premature death. So, it’s a must have around the house. “And,” my income being what it is, “I’m getting the bare essentials.”
  • Cellphones are something we can use from just about any place at any time; our communications with others being unrestricted by wire limitations. To me cellphone’s in dreams symbolize telepathy; dialing out indicating that I am the one initiating the communication, while an incoming call is a dream symbol showing that someone is attempting to communicate with me in some way. “However,” while I do believe at times that cellphone communication between people in dreams is indicative of a pending contact with another human being in reality; I also believe that calling out on a cellphone in a dream is suggestive of how we can also ask the Lord for help, too.
  • Certain kinds of food must be kept frozen in order to keep it preserved or reserved for future consumption. Frozen food in a dream to me suggests that what I need is sometimes preserved/reserved for me to acquire; the freezing process keeping things in a state of preservation/reservation until I have need of it, or am ready to take it.
  • Food in general is something that we become one with upon eating it. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” Of course, stores, like the world, have things in them that we need and don’t need. So, it certainly does help to have the wisdom to know the difference.
  • A person helping me find what I need in a store is a fact of life. However, I’ve often found that having a store employee help me shop is too my benefit and an advantage at times that other shoppers don’t have. This is because store employees have often steered me towards items I need that are on sale; information about such sales not being noticed by the “normal” shoppers in the crowd because some sales aren’t posted in obvious places.
  • Supermarket or Grocery store managers are authority figures; usually the highest in an individual store environment. In a sense one can associate them with a dream symbolism for God; the Lord ruling the world just like the manager rules the store she or he has been assigned to.

So, with the basic theme of my dream being, “Asking for assistance to get what I need to survive,” you hopefully can see why I’m of the feeling that the dream is a reminder that God is there to be called upon for help. “And,” while it is true that stores, like the world, offer us options that are good and bad for us; so long as I’m handling the world in the same way I shop at the store, “I’ll be just fine.”

Are there other ways we could look at this dream? “Yes!” However, the powerful sense that I had upon waking was, “Ask for help getting what you truly need and I the Lord will give it to you.” So, the head to toe feelings about the dream seal the deal for me on this one, for sure.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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