Dream Meaning Of Cleaning Bathroom Shower: Mind: A Tool Worth Mastering.

In general terms; dreaming of a bathroom signifies a need for release, cleansing, or, “Both.” But, “What if you are cleaning the bathroom?” Or, as was the case in my dream from September 1, 2016, “What if you are cleaning the bathroom shower?”

Now, in my dream, I was actually having fun cleaning the shower, and very pleased with myself for not splashing water everywhere as I was doing it. I was talking with someone while this was all going on in a light hearted manner; not actually knowing who the person was by dreams end.

However, the Clorox Bathroom cleaner was doing a great job on the tiles, shower head, knob, spigot and the rest of that entire wall. And, “Yeah,” I was naked in the shower while I was cleaning; a practice in reality that has really helped to expedite the process. “Hey!” I’ve got to get clean anyway. So, “Why not?”

So, what does cleaning the bathroom, and shower in particular, mean to me? Well… If the bathroom is the place where we clean all the negative crap off our bodies when we aren’t engaged in releasing it; cleaning the bathroom in a dream is the equivalent to tidying up our processes for purging ourselves of the negative, inwardly and outwardly.

At the time this dream takes place; I was already aware of the fact that my methodology for dealing with stress was barely cutting it. Sometimes prayer/meditation, or the technique behind it, needs to be tuned up a bit and my dream was a reflection of that.

The fact that I didn’t get water or cleaner everywhere during my cleaning of the wall? That was a clear sign to me that I didn’t need to go overboard in making changes with regard to my technique for managing stress via meditation.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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