Praying Mantis Personal Dream Symbol: Mind: A Tool Worth Mastering.

Normally, when I dream of bugs and other insects in a dream, the connotations are never positive. I’m either being attacked and bitten, or relieved that they didn’t get a chance to bite me at all. However, on April 6, 2017, I had a dream in which I was trying to avoid killing an attractive young woman’s pet Praying Mantis.

So, in my dream, the Praying Mantis was sitting pretty on my left shoulder. I was wearing one of my bright orange hooded sweat shirts, which I wanted to take off. However, I couldn’t take off the sweat shirt with the Praying Mantis on me.

Well… Ok… I could have brushed it off before removing the sweat shirt. But then the pretty woman in her late forties, who was keeping the Praying Mantis as a pet, might have been just a tad bit pissed with me.

I had the impression in the dream that this long curly haired, athletically built, five foot seven, brunette beauty and I were something like an item. So, you could see how even in dream land, killing a pretty woman’s pet might put a crimp in the relationship.

So, I did my best to take my sweat shirt off and set it down without hurting the Praying Mantis. “However,” I was determined to avoid touching the thing at all costs, even if I didn’t want to upset the woman by inadvertently killing her pet.

The woman did seem to understand my issue with the bug being on me and had just come in the room as I was carefully taking off my hoody. To my surprise, when the Praying Mantis had dropped from sight, despite my efforts to safely cradle it in the sweat shirt without my skin coming into contact with it, she wasn’t upset at all.

The dream ended with her laughing about the situation as we searched for her pet bug. I’m sure that it was somewhere in the somewhat balled up hoody. But I woke before we found it. “So,” I guess I’ll never know for sure.

What I do know is that the dream was unusual. The feel of the dream was different from any bug dream I’ve ever had before.

“Yes!” I did feel some anxiety in the very vivid life like dream about the Praying Mantis being on me. But, I didn’t feel the usual fright or flight reactions that I’ve had regarding the presence of insects (usually wasps) in past dreams. Of course, I’ve never encountered a woman who had a pet insect in a dream, or waking reality, either. So, the dream certainly did get my attention.

“Now,” the first thought I had upon waking from this dream was, “doesn’t the female Praying Mantis tend to eat the men she’s just had sex with?” The internet confirmed for me that they do just that, about twenty-five percent of the time. Although, it is suspected that being kept in captivity might have something to do with a Praying Mantis female’s man eating tendencies.

However, as strange as this dream was, the fact remains that I didn’t want to touch this woman’s pet Praying Mantis. So, somewhere in there I think the dream still held a warning for me involving negativity being brought into my environment. I say this because the dream was mostly about me taking off my orange sweat shirt without touching the Praying Mantis.

While other bug dreams in the past have often warned of pending negative social confrontations; I’m sure that in some ways this dream was no different in that regard. My gut feeling upon waking from the dream suggested to me that the Praying Mantis carried a negative sexual connotation, too.

“And,” while it is always possible that I might one day find myself in bed with a woman who is a real man eater; I think the dream might have been trying to show me something else about people and negativity. I say this because the woman in my dream had a “pet” insect; bugs in general being a negative symbol for me personally.

I think the message is simply this. “Some people have to have problems.” It doesn’t matter how much I try to help them out. Even if I do help them resolve one situation; some folks will actively draw another negative situation into their life.

“And,” as mean as it might sound; I can certainly see where it is true. If some people didn’t have their ills to talk about, “What would they have to discuss?” If other folks didn’t have some sort of home or office drama going on, “Would their lives draw any interest or sympathy from others?”

My tendency is to try and help people. “Yup!” I know in my own life that I certainly have been the sucker for a damsel seeming to be in distress, on more than one occasion.

Unfortunately; I’ve realized one to many times, a little too late, that the distress the damsel was experiencing had more to do with her attitude than anything else. Throw sex into the equation and a guy like me stands a good chance of being eaten alive by the woman he climbs into bed with.

I’m sure that something was going on in my environment at the time this dream was triggered. So, I took the cue and worked to avoid getting drawn too deeply into the negativity of those around me.

“And,” in general, because of this dream I decided upon one more little thing, as I positively looked to move forward. If it turns out that sex is to be a part of any woman’s arsenal for dragging me down into the dirt with them… Well… Run bitch, “Run!”

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