Dream Interpretation Of Being In Seeing Eye Dog Training School: Mind: A Tool Worth Mastering.

On Saturday, May 21, 2016; I awoke from a dream in which I was in training with my new Seeing Eye Dog, which just happened to be my current Black Lab Golden Cross. The trainer in this dream, Joan Markey, just happened to be the same person who trained my four legged friend and I; turning us loose on the world as a team in reality.

The dream takes place at night with Joan Walking out into an intersection ahead of the dog and I; Joan assuming the role of a Crossing Guard. I knew the light was in our favor. But as I walked past Joan with my dog guiding me, I just couldn’t help feeling a bit concerned about an approaching car that was fast moving towards us. I thought the vehicle might run the light and us down right along with it.

However, the car did stop and Joan followed behind me as I safely reached the curb; having successfully crossed the intersection. We traveled along a sidewalk a bit further and then climbed some steps; entering into what I thought at first might be the top level of a double decker bus. However, the layout wasn’t right and I started thinking that we were in some sort of trailer. I based this conclusion on the rubber matted floors and the Sussex County Transit bus like interior walls and windows.

However, Joan and I, with my dog, were sitting facing each other with a few feet of open floor space between us in leather arm chairs. My dog was under my seat and it felt rather comfortable just setting there and talking to Joan in our very stationary location.

As we sat talking; Joan was asking me what I could see. I explained to Joan that everything was an indistinct haze with light and dark.

The interesting part was, as I was describing how things were hazy, everything I could see as I talked began to come into sharper focus. The dream ended with me wondering how me describing my vision to someone else could actually have the opposite effect. Then I thought, “How do I explain this since the description of what I can see would have to change again?”

“Now,” this was the only dream I had for the night. I went to sleep, had this dream and then awoke from it.

When I woke from the dream, I realized right away that Joan’s action of playing Trainer and Crossing Guard was something very telling. This is because the Seeing Eye’s trainers wouldn’t normally play the role of Crossing Guard during a training run in reality. Crossing Guards who stand in the middle of the road to cross a blind pedestrian are a hazard; confusing even a well-trained Dog Guide that has been taught, “You don’t want to stand in the middle of the road and have a friendly chat.”

in fact; this is something I’ve talked to the guy given the job of managing the Newton Crossing Guards about. However, that conversation turned out to be a complete waste of time. So I just avoid intersections with Newton Crossing guards in them whenever humanly possible.

“Anyhow,” Joan as Trainer and Crossing Guard in my dream plainly made her an authority figure. You don’t leave the Seeing Eye with a dog until the trainer signs off on it. Also, crossing guards are at intersections to insure that “mainly children” cross a street safely.

Are we not all children of God? If we have a personal relationship with the Lord can he not guide us through dangerous intersections in life? Can the Lord not teach us what we need to know in order to continue on the path he has preordained for each of us?

“Then,” there is the matter of my vision getting better as I explained how bad it was. My very first thought upon waking regarding that aspect of the dream was simple. My describing my vision to Joan in the dream was a pun on describing my point of view of life in reality.

And, “Yes,” when I do write about different things on this blog or even in my own personal journal; it certainly does help me to clarify for myself how I “see” people and different situations that arise. Even talking to God in my War Room helps me to clarify things for myself. So, if you look at Joan as a symbol for God, since we’ve already established her positions of authority in my dream… Well… “You get the idea.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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