When I Dream A Little Dream About Amazon Store Shopping: Mind: A Tool Worth Mastering.

On Friday, July 15, 2016 I had a dream about shopping on the Amazon website; procuring my Seeing Eye Registered Dog’s Prime Eligible dogfood. I could see the price of 30.99 for the 29.1 pound bag of her brand of food on my computer screen and then saw myself moving the money over from savings to cover the bill. It was a short yet very suggestive dream for a few reasons.

In reality; I knew at some point during the month I needed to pick up another bag of dog food for my lady. Based on my estimation; I still had about a week and a half left before I would need to do something; usually receiving it within two days of the order being placed because I’m a prime member.

Also, I learned long ago that when I have a dream about doing something I would ordinarily do, it is a dream I need to take action on in reality. So, after taking note of my dream and the life like nature of it; I went onto the Amazon site and ordered the dogfood and, “It’s a good thing I did.”

Like I mentioned before; the dogfood I buy for my Seeing Eye Dog usually goes out Amazon’s door via two day delivery. However, when I placed my order, I was glad that I had the dream and acted upon it. This is because free two day delivery wasn’t an option this time around. What would normally have arrived from Amazon on Sunday, July 17 was slated to show on my doorstep on Wednesday, July 20, 2016 and after I placed my order I did move the money I needed over from savings to insure that my rent check wouldn’t bounce when it was cashed.

In my twenty plus years of doing dream analysis; I’ve discovered that there are a few different reasons as to why I should do what I see myself doing in a very life like dream, particularly when it involves things I would normally do in reality. A lot of the time dreams like this are a signal that…

  • The script has changed: In the case of the Amazon dream I just described; clearly the dream was a warning that the game had changed where shipping was concerned and it would be a smart move to order sooner than later because of the extended delivery time.
  • Interactions will be more positive: When dreaming about talking with people, or engaging in activities with folks that I would normally do with them in reality, I pay attention to my actions in these dreams. This is because these dreams tell me how to handle conversations and interactions with folks in real-time when situations come up in actuality.

Usually; I don’t have to wait long before I see why I dreamed a certain dream; like shopping for dogfood on Amazon as a Prime Member. “And,” where interactions with people are concerned; I nail it every time. So long as I follow the script handed to me by the dream about my interaction with a specific person (or persons) it’s all good; allowing the dream scenario to play itself out for the better.

Do I have to follow the script a dream showed me when the correlating situation finally presents itself in real time? “No,” I don’t However; going off script has never really done me any favors. So, when I know what to do, even if it is indicated by a dream, I just do it and enjoy the positive results. “God is good.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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