cPanel Web Hosting Dream Provides Scripted Plan In Reality: Mind: A Tool Worth Mastering.

The morning’s dream of Friday, October 21, 2016, was yet another perfect example of how dreams can often outline the basic steps we should follow when it comes to dealing with situations. In other words; when we’re looking for solutions to real-time problems, our dreams will hand us the answers we need; not in literal contexts, but in scenarios that will give us outlines based on principle. Just because a dream doesn’t match our situations in imagery or out and out experience; it is by looking at the principles presented in the dream that we can then find our real life solutions. If I’ve lost you here then let me explain.

In that particular Friday morning’s dream; I was helping a customer set up a htaccess file on the server hosting their website. Although their cPanel would code most of the htaccess file for what they needed it to do; there was a specific snippet of code that would still need to be added in by hand to make things function on their website exactly the way they wanted.

I was just about to tell them that I could make it all work for them when I decided that it might be better for both of us if I let them do what they could with cPanel in coding the file. So, I told them to go ahead and do as much as they could using cPanel. I then told them that once they had done everything they could, I would then go in and add the little snippet of code that would complete the project if they still needed me to.

The dream ended there and I woke up scratching my head as to what that one was all about. However, as that Friday unfolded, it became quite clear to me what it meant. And, “Yes,” it had everything to do with letting people do what they could to make things work for them in their own lives; before stepping in to help if I even needed to help at all.

I can’t really say that I’m one who likes to watch my friends suffer. It would have been all too easy in one instance to provide a solution to one friend’s particular problem.

However, I realized as we talked about their problem that fine October Friday, largely thanks to that morning’s dream, that they had some options available to them that would get the ball rolling in order for them to cope with their situation; just as cPanel provided tools for my dream customer to do a good part of the work they required all by themselves. So, I took a step back and told them to let me know where they stood in a week; just as I told my customer in that morning’s dream to let me know when they had finished working with the htaccess file.

I do believe the Lord saw that I followed his advice here (me personally believing that dreams are a gift from God) and my decision didn’t even come close to biting me in the ass, as it could have done had I miss understood the dream. If my decision to deal with a real-time situation based on a dream I’d had hours earlier had come back to haunt me, “It’s God’s lesson at the end of the day that truly counts.”

“And,” trusting in the Lord by following the concept presented in that dream certainly did pay off. My friend sent me an email at 1:39 PM on Monday, October 24, 2016 that she had come up with a solution to her problem; not requiring me to do anything after all. “God is good and his inspired dreams rock!”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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2 thoughts on “cPanel Web Hosting Dream Provides Scripted Plan In Reality: Mind: A Tool Worth Mastering.”

  1. An interesting take on your dream, indeed, and I suspect it is the right one. Having customers help themselves as much as possible is often enlightening for both parties. I get to realize how willing and capable the customer is through their endeavor. I can typically use this as a benchmark on how to treat this particular customer moving forward (e.g. “Do they need a hint or? OR do they need my full attention?”).

  2. In this case; my understanding of the dream certainly was spot on. And, letting customers go as far as they can on their own in resolving issues certainly does give you a feel as to what level of understanding they have about your products or services. So, yeah, if you’ve got a customer that is game enough to try; it gives us an idea of where we could be improving our products and services, making them more efficient to work with, as well. Thanks for stopping by Jeff!

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