What It means To See A Drawing In A Dream: Mind: A Tool Worth Mastering.

On, Thursday, May 19, 2016 I had a dream in which I had received an email from my Nephew. This email was comprised of an illustration of a woman next to a sunflower.

“Now,” my nephew would not normally send me an email comprised only of an image in the body of it, even if he (holding a degree in Graphics Design) did draw it himself. He doesn’t expect his blind uncle to admire his handy work; although I’m told his work is nothing short of excellent.

“Anyhow,” in the dream I was working on sending him an email reply that said, “Nice Pic.” I was going to send a reply that said, “Nice picture.” But, after giving it a lot of thought, I went with “Pic” instead.

This was a rather vivid and very life like dream. It was the only one I had when I had gone to bed over the course of the entire night. I woke with it firmly etched in my mind and had a sense of peace and com about it, even though I felt a little anxious about which form of the word “picture” I should use in the email reply I had written my Nephew, during the dream itself.

While illustrations of women and flowers generally conjure feelings of peace and joy within me; I had the sense that my response to the email was more important because a majority of the dream was focused on my “response” to the illustration my nephew had sent to me.

However, the illustration itself was significant. Illustrations/Drawings in dreams suggest to me a situation pending, if not already in play around me, might be…

  • Make-believe: something that really isn’t reality; a creation that doesn’t really exist any place else other than the mind’s eye of the artist who sketched it. People presenting an image that is based on a lie would fit very nicely here.
  • Possibility: something that could happen in the future but is not written in stone; other words for drawing being sketch, plan, portrayal, depiction, diagram, etc. Some of us do write out or draw out the things we want to make happen in the future, do we not?

Since I didn’t see anything going on in my present that would reasonably explain why I had this dream; I decided to keep my eyes open up until May 23 for either…

  • Someone approaching me with a plan or idea that will help them in their life, or me in mine.
  • Someone trying to pull the wool over my eyes; making things out to be different than what they really are. Another way of looking at it; trying to tell me the story they would like me to believe rather than the one that actually is the truth.

“True!” Dreaming about receiving an email from my Nephew is a no brainer; a clear indicator that I could be hearing about him or from him within a few days of having a dream like this. “Yeah,” there’s a chance that, since my nephew is my brother’s son, a dream like this could be suggesting that I might actually be hearing about or from my brother, as well.

After writing this dream out; I was reasonably confident that I would be experiencing at least one out of these three possibilities by Monday, May 23, 2016, if not sooner.

“And,” wouldn’t you know it; on Sunday, May 22, 2016, I was informed over lunch by my friend’s son that he had a very interesting conversation with the Head Deacon of his church. He informed his mother and I that because the church has changed their bylaws, they are now protected in the event that they should be placed in a position of refusing to perform a Same Sex Marriage.

“Now,” if the conversation took place between this young man and the Head Deacon of his church the way he described it to us; there is our dream email illustration as, “Make-believe.” I wasn’t expecting to hear this make believe version of reality from such an unlikely source. However, as soon as I got over the shock of it, plus something else the young man told us the Head Deacon imparted to him, “I knew in my gut that this was what the line drawing in my dream was to represent.”

“True,” the dream didn’t play out the possibility of someone pulling the wool over my eyes, as expected. I had been expecting to hear a fairytale directly. Not a fantastic story second hand.

But I knew in my gut that what the young man had told us at lunch regarding his church being protected was as far from reality as it gets; although I’m pretty sure that he himself was not aware of it. And, “No,” I didn’t have the heart to enlighten him regarding the matter.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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