No Google Deep Dream Generator Required To Make This Prediction: Mind: A Tool Worth Mastering.

In a dream I had on the morning of July 4, 2016; I was talking with a tall pretty curly haired woman about my blog and the fact that Google was alerting me to its indexing of my posts within an hour. We were talking with her standing in the office area of my bedroom during the day.

This brunette was wearing business clothes and looked hot; quite doable, if you know what I mean.

When I say business clothes; I’m talking blazer, blouse and skirt. Whatever she was doing for work; I’m pretty sure, based on her attire, she was paid well for it.

When I woke from the dream I had the sense that I’d be receiving an alert from Google; telling me that they had indexed at least one of my posts; six of which were posted on July 4, 2016. I figured this notification would come between the fourth and the eighth of the month.

Sure enough in reality; on July 6, 2016 at 3:58 PM Google had sent me notification of indexing a post from Monday morning’s post update. It was the post titled, “Being Killed By Church Pastor Dream Meaning.”

When I received Google’s alert; I did find it rather interesting that it would be the post containing Pastor Boger’s name. This is because I had received a message from him the day before, as predicted by another dream experienced on July 3, 2016.

As far as the well-dressed pretty woman standing in my bedroom goes, “One can dream,” right? But, she wasn’t saying much, or taking off her clothes. So, I knew the dream wasn’t about me getting lucky.

Also, it should be noted, too; Google changes their algorithms quite often. This makes their indexing of my site rather sporadic. Sometimes they do a lot of my posts in a short period and other times it takes them a lot longer to index what I’ve put up.

For whatever reason; with both Google and Bing, I seem to do better getting my site indexed when I release a bunch of posts at once rather than one or two every day.

I mention all of this so that you understand; there really is no pattern to how quickly or slowly my site is indexed. So, there’s really no rhyme or reason as to why I should be dreaming about Google indexing a post before it actually happens.

It’s nice that it works out this way though. Knowing that even a finicky search engine like Google isn’t going to ignore all of my handy work makes all the blogging that I do much more fun. “Now!” If I could just dream about how to write more posts that will guarantee more interaction with visitors of this site…

Author: Brian Schnabel

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