Sussex County NJ Mailwoman As Dream Symbol: Mind: A Tool Worth Mastering.

On May 29, 2016 I had a dream in which I was fooling around on the floor with a mail carrier I know who we shall call by her online screenname, MailBitch69. There was no intercourse and we both seemed to be trying to figure out how to undress each other; more than likely in an effort to reach that point. I did notice in the dream that I wasn’t turned on by her at all. But this doesn’t surprise me because of my personal associations with MailBitch69 in reality.

The theme of the dream was intimacy, which usually indicates…

  • A pending sexual encounter in reality.
  • A pending communication with, if not about, the individual I’m sharing intimate moments with.

MailBitch69 isn’t someone I have much faith in reality wise. She’s not the kind of woman I’ve ever known to follow through; never doing a single thing she has ever said she would do where I am concerned.

During 2015 she made a few guest appearances in dreams; once giving me a referral to an accountant, and another time offering me a drink of her water. However, I believe this is the first time I’ve had a dream in which MailBitch69 and I have ever been intimate.

This is interesting in and of itself; suggesting to me that there is some sort of progression thing going on here that indicates, “God only knows what.” Hopefully, the Lord isn’t trying to tell me that I’m destined to become one with a woman who is as full of crap as a day is long. But, if that’s the case… Well… “I hope there’s a good reason for it!”

Of course, mail carriers in my dreams are a symbol of…

  • Message delivery: Mail carriers certainly do get notes and packages to where they need to go.
  • Being practically unstoppable: Mail carriers do deliver the mail in all kinds of weather.
  • Low ranking authority: Mail carriers are kind of like God’s angels when you consider that government can be a symbol of the Lord. After all, we know that in The Bible, angels deliver messages to God’s people. Also, The Bible tells us that government is appointed by the Lord (1 Peter 2:13-17); Him ordaining their rule over us.

So, “Yeah,” it’s entirely possible that MailBitch69 is only in my dreams to represent what mail carriers symbolize to me. However, as cute as she is, I’m thinking there are a few better mail carrier representatives in my dreams I would rather see; having far more integrity than MailBitch69.

Of course, there was a time that I used to run into MailBitch69, especially during my travels through the Spring Street area of Newton, NJ. However, my contact with her has been minimal over the past few years; our paths crossing only once in a very great while.

But, on May 31, 2016, wouldn’t you know; a friend of mine told me about a conversation they had had with MailBitch69 while washing their clothes in the laundromat. My friend and I were having dinner when they informed me of this. Upon hearing the name of the person my friend was talking to; I immediately remembered this dream and thought, “Well that would certainly explain the intimate moment with good old MailBitch.”

I really wasn’t expecting to hear of MailBitch 69 within two to four days of the dream. It just seemed so unlikely that I would hear about her or even meet her directly. The funny thing is that there wasn’t anything said involving my friend’s conversation with MailBitch69 that was of any earth shattering consequence to anyone.

But, none the less, the dream symbolism regarding intimacy with the MailBitch did play itself out in one of the usually expected ways. So, I guess, “That’s a wrap!”

Author: Brian Schnabel

[Email:]: Seeking my very own Joan Watson in Elementary 26-year-old form; I’m plugin it all in here via Microsoft Word 2016, Windows 10, JAWS 18.0.2945 and the screen reader accessibility of WordPress 4.8.0.

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