Sailboat Dream Symbol Meaning: Mind: A Tool Worth Mastering.

Sunday’s dream (May 22, 2016) about looking at the bottom of my new Translucent sailboat was rather interesting. Apparently it was constructed of a new kind of fiberglass, which let light go through the hull, much like sunlight goes through the frosted glass used in bathroom shower doors and such.

My Friend Ellen was in this dream and was telling me that they at least remembered to put the chip resistant texturing below the waterline on this new boat. Apparently they had neglected to do this none chip finish on the last new boat they built for me, which was a white boat that I saw briefly in my mind’s eye as we talked.

We were both looking up at this boat; seemingly from underwater. As I looked at it and talked with Ellen I was wondering to myself how much privacy I would have when I was below deck. Even the interior of this boat seemed to be translucent, as well.

Then the dream changed into a seen in which I seemed to be packing up to take a trip somewhere. I was doing my packing while Agent Gibbs and a few folks from NCIS, that I didn’t recognize, were heading out to investigate an arson murder crime scene.

I’m thinking that at this point in the dream I was starting to wake up because of the activity in the apartment next door to me. But, two things about this dream are pretty clear to me.

  1. Since my traiding days of the mid 2000s; Sailboats have always represented a sort of monetary gain to me; folks either buying me things or simply paying me out right to do a job.
  2. The letters “NCIS” become a number nine when converted for use in Numerology. Nine’s are a sign of a pending weather event; thunderstorms usually in summer, or snow in winter.

“Now,” just in the first twenty-four hours that passed since I had this dream; I was taken to lunch, had a few bottles of V8 splash purchased for me by a friend at Walmart, and had a few bags of stuff dropped off at my place from a local food pantry. “True,” while I knew in advance that I’d be going to lunch and getting some stuff from the food pantry; the V8 Splash was a pleasant surprise that I wasn’t expecting. “Remember the sailboat symbol?”

“Also!” As of May, 25, 2016; my friend Ellen called me twice. The first time to see how I was doing; she hadn’t heard from me since May twentieth.

Ellen then called me the second time to share with me that she finally sold an item; not being sure in the first call if the potential buyer would show up.

So, that certainly would explain Ellen’s presence in the dream and why we were talking about and looking at the sailboat together. Did I forget to mention that I usually do dream about people before I hear from them. So, yeah, “That part fits.”

While it is true that the thunderstorm the dream seemed to indicate never happened; the way my vision was acting at certain points, during the time span between the twenty-third and twenty-sixth, I was pretty certain that storms were imminent. It has also occurred to me that Ellen’s call “about the money she made” could explain the sighting of a second sailboat in my dream. It’s possible that I might be moving to a point where dreaming of the good fortunes of folks connected with me might become a more regular occurrence, which is really cool if that’s the case.

I wonder which sailboat represented the free V8 Splash. I’m thinking it was the translucent model. But, any way you cut it in the end, “God is good!”

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