How Public Image Is Used To Control Church And State: Mind: A Tool Worth Mastering.

How do you feel when people start digging up the negative aspects of you and exposing them to the eye of the public? Are you a big enough person to be able to openly acknowledge your faults and misdeeds?

For most folks the answer is, “No.” They haven’t dealt with those things on a personal level that would embarrass them publically. Because of this lack of honest self-examination; a well-documented fact based remark (especially online) about certain inequities leads to major humiliation for one or more parties.

And, “Yes,” even corporations (including other none-profits like Newton NJ churches), politicians and other seemingly influential people can be very easily controlled by a strategic strike upon their public persona. To many, even a publically expressed opinion, really sets them off and it’s usually because they’ve got something to hide.

How To Protect Your Public Image Online And Off:

I believe Dr. Phil, in his book, “Life Code,” really has the smartest solution for dealing with attacks on any kind of image presented to the general public; personally, politically and corporately. Having already done this myself I can tell you that it’s really rather liberating.

List out everything you would hate for anyone to find out about you, personally, professionally and even politically. Then fix as much of the stuff on that list as you can; making amends where ever humanly possible.

If you are involved in the leadership of a corporation you’ll still want to do something similar to this; regardless as to what kind of corporation it is and whether or not you are paid to lead it. With the internet being what it is today; the vulnerabilities of corporations of all forms are fair game with folks exorcising their first amendment right in forums, on blogs and via other places inviting the public to post their opinion.

In Closing:

By making it a point to deal with your own personal, political or organizational imperfections; you won’t feel the need to blow a head gasket when you read a negative review about anything you’re involved with via the internet. You also will not feel the need to attempt to bully other people into retracting statements of truth about you; in essence forcing them to bare false witness against you in the Eyes of the Lord.

It doesn’t mean that you should let people write lies about you or say things about you that just aren’t true. However, once you have grown comfortable with admitting the wrongs you’ve done in this world; it really does make it easier to decide which false statements about you are worthy of a response, or better left on the list of things to completely ignore.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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