Best Free Subconscious Mind Power Secrets Tip You’ll Ever Get: Mind: A Tool Worth Mastering.

There is no sales pitch here. This is free advice for anyone interested in unlocking the hidden powers of their mind. It is not given in any book that I know of. However, it’s value is priceless all the same.

My advice is this. Don’t share the specifics of anything you are doing about exploring the hidden powers of your mind. If you do; you are more than likely going to upset someone’s sense of balance; many people feeling threatened by the idea of someone having success with things like mental telepathy and Dream Walking. But, more importantly than even that, the universe (AKA God) will turn against you for shooting your mouth off about your gifts.

If you’ve been journaling for a while; you might have noticed that the second you make your prayers, visions and affirmations known to others; most of the time things suddenly don’t work out as originally indicated that they would. Sure! It’s ok to talk about some things after the fact. However, we already know from Jesus Christ himself that a prayer carries more weight with the Lord in private than praying to Him in public.

That’s a fact you can take to the bank. It’s written in the Bible and can easily be looked up.

When it comes to the precognitive dreams we have; they seldom are for the consumption of anyone other than ourselves, and God would prefer it if we kept it that way. Who else would really care about the person we’re going to meet six months from now, or the money that we will win in two months’ time; most folks being predisposed to sabotaging us once we announce our predictions, as it is.

Again, evidence of this can be found in the Bible. More specifically we are talking about New Testament information.

When it comes to the hidden powers of the mind, “They stay hidden to most people for a reason.” Most of us would abuse them if access was easy. Therefore, those of us who have been granted specific gifts in the areas of precognition and telepathy would do well to be careful about revealing them as our source of information to anyone.

These are gifts that are not to be toyed with. They are not a game to be played or abilities to be tested.

Access to our gifts does come through a personal relationship with God, via his son Jesus. Therefore, unless He indicates otherwise, specific details about the gifts we are working on developing and actively using, “Stay between us and Him.”

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  1. Is that why you don’t discuss your journaling in this blog anymore? God has given you many gifts, which you do willingly share with those who will listen.

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