Some day’s Accepting People As They Are Just Sucks: Objectively: Living Life Blind At Beta.

I’m sure we’ve all been there. However, as I got off the phone with a friend on Saturday, May 6, 2017, at around 4:10 PM; I just couldn’t help but shake my head in frustration.

This individual had asked if I wanted to join them for dinner; they’re treat. This in and of itself was a cool offer and very much appreciated. However, I told them I had to decline because I already had plans.

I didn’t tell them who the plans were with. This is simply because the plans were with someone they didn’t like. “Although,” as I got off the phone, it was clear by their tone of voice that they had figured out the “who” in my plans, anyway.

It’s really kind of frustrating to me to have people in my inner circle who, at times, will get bent out of shape because…

  • They didn’t like the way another one of my friends looked at them.
  • They didn’t like the way something one of my other friends said.
  • They can’t let go of certain things that happened in the past between them and another one of my friends.
  • They are jealous because another one of my friends can do things for me that they can’t.

The list could probably go on and on here. But, I really have more positive things to do with my time.

“Now,” just to be clear… I don’t expect my friends to be best buddies if they really don’t like each other all that much. But it really would be nice if people would learn to control their attitudes a bit better, “Out of respect for me,” at the very least. Otherwise my guests might just find a sign tacked to my refrigerator that reads something like, “With friends like mine you won’t need enemies.”

“To be fair…” Maybe part of the problem is me. Unfortunately, I pick up on underlying moods in a way that most other people can’t. So, “Yeah,” I’m probably registering a person’s trace of irritation, long before they themselves are even aware that they are radiating anything of the sort.

“And,” just for the record… I don’t exactly like everything my friends do; having learned long ago to accept that people aren’t perfect. There is good and bad in all of us.

I know for a fact that there are days when I myself can be incredibly annoying. Yet, “People still want to hang around me.”

So, if folks can put up with my behavioral quirks, “Why should I get attitude from friends for hanging with other friends who have quirks, too?” I just find it all to be so very frustrating.

Of course, I could simply tell everyone to, “Go screw,” and put an end to the negative crap that way. However, I like to think I’ve grown up a bit in life. “Have you grown up in life?”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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