I’d Rather Be On Dr. Phil’s Talk Show: Objectively: Living Life Blind At Beta.

There are days when I think life would make more sense if I was experiencing it through Dr. Phil’s television talk show. At least on his show; massive amounts of drama make sense at the end of an hour. So, maybe what I really need to do is limit all drama in my life to just, Monday through Friday, between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM, Eastern Time. That way I just might be able to keep my mind on other things that are helpful to living a none-toxic life.

I say this because people have a constant habit of doing things like…

  • Telling me that they are working on dealing with one thing, while all signs point to them doing something entirely different.
  • Asking me for help and then, once they get my assistance, being as difficult as they possibly can about following directions.
  • Complaining about how things work when they barely have a handle on how to use the device or system they are bitching about.
  • Impeaching their own credibility with the authorities and then blaming the authorities when things fall apart.
  • Expecting reliability from that which has a proven track record of being unreliable.
  • Telling people how to handle their affairs when they can’t even step up to the plate when it counts in handling their own.

“Now,” I’m not perfect. “I get that.” I also get that, “Other people aren’t perfect.”

But, “When does the insanity stop?” Surely, I can’t be the only one who is seeing the bigger picture?

I know that negative news sells; sometimes even better than sex does. But, have we really become a society that needs constant negative drama to feel alive?

How does drama trump sex, anyway? “What’s wrong with people?”

“Me?” I can’t stand the constant theatrics. So, I guess people will know when I’ve finally had enough, especially when they try to call my phone and get Dr. Phil on the line instead. Some days, “Call forwarding is a beautiful thing.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

[brian@brianschnabel.com]: Because it's all about how you feel; I’m plugin it all in here via Microsoft Word 2016, Windows 10, JAWS 18.0.4350, and the screen reader accessibility of WordPress 4.8.2.

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