Liberty Towers Newton NJ Housing Authority Visitor’s Review: Objectively: Living Life Blind At Beta.

When my friend moved into Liberty Towers in the beginning of August 2016; I thought for sure that this latest address change would be a new beginning for her. However, between what I’ve heard and personally observed; I’ve since become convinced that anyone who’s looking for low income housing would do better anywhere but there.

Just visiting my friend in the place has left a bad taste in my mouth and “for me” making a donation to Liberty Towers, otherwise known as the Town Of Newton Housing Authority, is out of the question. So, “No,” they won’t ever see a dime during a fundraiser from me, even if they’ve got the best BBQ (barbecue) event going on in Sussex County NJ.

Personally; I feel that this is a place that HUD and the IRS would have a field day investigating, “Employees and tenants personal financial records included in that investigation.” This is especially true if…

  • Tenants really are ordered to pay for fixtures that are a part of the building when they wear out and break.
  • Tenants really are blamed for equipment failure on complex and requested to pay up for the repairs when there is no real proof that they have done anything wrong; other than a video showing that they were the last one to use said equipment before a problem was discovered.
  • Tenants are really paying higher rent than what their lease says they owe in various scenarios.
  • The office truly is rather slow in producing receipts for items that tenants have paid cash for; sometimes taking days to come up with a piece of paper acknowledging that Liberty Towers/Town Of Newton Housing Authority has in fact received a cash payment for keys and other such items.
  • The qualifications of the maintenance guy really are questionable. “Who puts closet doors on a closet so they come off track and don’t leave you enough room to hang your clothes on a hanger?”

Then there is the behavior of the tenants themselves that is questionable. As I understand it from my friend; she was told in under a week by multiple tenants about extra charges and things that weren’t even covered in her lease.

“Now,” I don’t know about you. But I’ve got to ask, “What grownup voluntarily agrees to pay what some might consider extortion money,” unless they themselves aren’t being totally honest about the assets they have? “I thought that senior citizens got smarter with age not dumber!”

“True!” Some people really do think that if they make waves they will lose what little they have. However, either way, “Something is very wrong with this picture don’t you think?”

Then, “There is the slandering of tenants and their guests that goes on there by other tenants.” “And,” the sickening part is that the office has acted on slanderous statements in at least one instance that I am aware of. “Yup!” All because some dumb ass heard the word “bug” and decided that they had heard the word, “Bed Bug.” Thus slandering two of my friends in the process.

Now, “If only I could prove that,” what a rich bunch my friends would be. But, since I can’t… You’ll just have to decide what you want to believe regarding the slander; along with the rest of what’s here.

Personally; I’ve found that tenants don’t respect the fact that my Registered Seeing Eye Dog is not there for their entertainment. Between that and their constant efforts to redirect me off complex every time I stop in to see my friend I’m left with little doubt, “Living at the Town Of Newton Authority facility here in NJ would totally suck!”

I sincerely do hope that HUD, at the very least, investigates Liberty Towers, 32 Liberty Street, Newton, NJ 07860. If I’m wrong about the place, “I can live with that.”

“However,” my gut is telling me that something isn’t right over there and I’m really sorry I ever supported my friend in their efforts to get into the building. What should be a new beginning for her really has been turned into a veritable hell for her that I sincerely wish to see changed; even if it means a bunch of people go to jail and the operation is terminated; forcing folks to relocate.

Bottom line; if all that I’ve mentioned above is really somehow verifiable beyond my perception of the place (973) 383-5191 isn’t a phone number you want to call for anything. Especially if you are looking for a place you can feel comfortable enough in to call home.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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