How A Man Manages To Satisfy A Woman In The Bedroom Every Time: Objectively: Living Blind At Beta.

“He’s cute but it’s too bad he’s blind,” is a remark I’ve heard many a woman make to her girlfriends more than once in my life. When women aren’t lamenting my good looks daring to be coupled with blindness they are usually asking, “How do blind people have sex?” So, “Yeah,” there’s a lot of women missing out on the many things I have to offer in general terms because of their ignorance; all before we even get into the 3 things this blind man loves to do to a woman to satisfy her in bed.

Before we do get into what the 3 things I do to guarantee a woman’s sexual satisfaction every time she’s in bed with me actually are; we need to clear something up for the slow shallow minded women in the crowd. Blindness doesn’t equal worthlessness in the bedroom or anywhere else. I merely have a different set of limitations than you do.

In fact; there are things I can perceive well beyond the usual input the five senses afford the average person. So, in a way, “I see more than most,” and have been gifted by God with certain abilities I would otherwise not have if the Lord had made me, “Normal.”

While it is true that sexual prowess is an acquired skill; I have found that vision loss has forced my body to rewire itself in a fashion that is to my advantage in the bedroom. Those women who have had the pleasure of spending time in bed with me have found my special circumstances to benefit them greatly as well, even though a few of my older flames were teaching me things about pleasuring the female body, too.

To tell the truth; it is because of the time taken by a few of my older girlfriends that helped me quickly realized just how much of a turn on pleasuring my bedroom partner could be. Their guidance gave me cause to start listening to books on intimacy and sex; honing my abilities in the bedroom even more.

So, despite the travesty type relationships I’ve experienced over the years; I’ve at least gotten the sex thing down pretty good, even if I am a pore judge of character when it comes to the women I date. In some ways I guess, “Love really is blind,” for me.

Anyhow, the 3 things I do to a woman in bed that satisfy her every time are pretty simple. They are simple yet powerfully effective things like…

  1. Giving the girl I am with oral sex: This is one of those things I have discovered is guaranteed to bring a woman to orgasm; understanding that a lot of women can’t reach climax through full penetrative sex, alone. To be honest; I rather enjoy giving a freshly showered woman Cunnilingus and watching her orgasm multiple times in a row.
  2. Focusing on foreplay for a long time: Obviously; Foreplay can start long before things ever move into the bedroom and women have widely varying ideas as to what foreplay is. However, the kind of foreplay I’m talking about here is sexual; touching, kissing and oral sex, which all count as sexual activity. For me; foreplay really is a fun way to get to know every inch of a woman’s body; reading her like an open book (physical responses and all) using my lips, fingers and tongue.
  3. Having an orgasm: Many women seem to become concerned; thinking they aren’t good enough if any man doesn’t come at least once during a sexual encounter. In my case; Part of this might be because of the deep seated security issues many of my sexual partners had to begin with. But I do enjoy coming inside a woman and sharing my orgasm with her. So, security issues notwithstanding, if my having an orgasm sets the girl’s mind at ease, “Why shouldn’t I get off?”

Of course, I think it goes without saying that the more at ease a woman can be made to feel about her appearance when naked, the more likely it is that she’ll have a really pleasurable experience. And, “Yes,” even us blind people can find ways to complement a woman about her appearance; letting her know beyond a reasonable doubt that her beauty is appreciated, admired and desirable.

Staying in bed for a while with a woman after sex is a no-brainer, too. Somehow, in my case, this has often led to us having more sex; sometimes with even more toe curling orgasms for both of us the second time around.

I’ve never really ever learned how to have sex with a woman in less than fifteen minutes. With her naked body under my fingertips and/or tongue, plus the thrill I get out of pleasuring her before coming myself, even an attempted quickie has always seemed to turn into at least a very pleasant one hour affair.

It’s just the way I roll when it comes to intimacy; the deepest expression of love one person can show another. I take my time and make sure the girl I’m with enjoys her time with me, too. Despite the differences ex-girlfriends and I have had; I’m pretty sure they’ve never complained to anyone about the sex we had, which resulted in their having at least one orgasm, “Every time.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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