How The Media Got It All Wrong About President Trump: Objectively: Living Blind At Beta.

When it came my time to vote during the 2016 elections; I voted for the person that would be the easiest to impeach if push came to shove. So, “No,” Hillary Clinton didn’t get my vote because she was way to embedded in the political system here in America; having friends in all the right places who make it possible to help her, “Do no wrong.” So, “Yeah,” Trump was it for me.

It’s a sad state of affairs when you’re electoral candidates for presidency totally suck and you are left to choose based upon the worst possible scenario. But there it was. This was what we’ve come to as a nation.

As I listened to NPR Radio and surfed the web on election night; it amazed me, too, how the media couldn’t understand why they didn’t see Donald J. Trump’s win coming. People just kept going on and on about how they thought they had done everything right with the polling processes they used; seemingly mystified as to why their estimations of President Trump’s popularity amongst the American people fell well short of the mark.

It would seem, too, that when it became apparent as to who the winner of the 2016 Presidential Election was going to be, “The media was hell bent on causing racial unrest since they couldn’t have their bitch in office.” It was disturbing to me how they were taking care to use phrases like “white supremacy” in their description of the demographics involved in Mr. President Trump’s victory.

Of course, given the media’s display of apparent anger regarding The Donald’s victory over Clinton, “Is it any small wonder how they totally were blindsided by the 2016 presidential election results?” They thought they had it all in the bag; knowing that Hillary was going to win it and give them God only knows what once she gained the Oval Office.

However, the media’s reaction to Donald J. Trump being the 45th president of the United States of America spoke very loudly as to why they didn’t see his win coming. It also showed them up for the self-centered manipulative little pieces of garbage that they had become; clearly and intentionally working behind the scenes to create the America that “they” wanted while forgetting the true definition of Liberty, Freedom and Justice for all.

The 2016 Elections plainly showed that the media had lost touch with the people they said freedom of the press protected. The media has been picking and choosing sides in elections for years; abusing the power that the freedom of the press gives them by using their press passes to forward their own agendas as corporations; putting their own needs and desires before those of the American People they swore they were in business to serve.

After witnessing the media’s reaction to Trump becoming President; it became pretty clear to me that being a reporter isn’t about helping people keep their finger on the pulse of the important happenings in America and abroad. It is obvious to me more than ever now, given the media’s reaction to the 2016 election results, that any kind of news agency operating in America these days has only one primary concern, “Itself.”

Therefore; it’s no shock to me that the media was wrong about The Donald and totally misjudged his standing with the American people. When you set out every day to spin the world the way that you want to spin it, “Sooner or later you’re going to lose site of the big picture.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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