Proven Cure For Retinitis Pigmentosa: Objectively: Living Life Blind At Beta.

My retinas are toast. I was born with RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa) via a genetic incident that is one in a million. There is a cure for the condition. But, it’s not widely accepted.

The only proven cure for Retinitis Pigmentosa:

If you have the condition and are desperately seeking a cure there is only one real way to remedy the situation. “Stop seeing yourself as broken.” You were made this way for a reason. You are not broken, or living a life with no plan.

When you came into this world you were destined to see things differently. If it wasn’t for Retinitis pigmentosa; you would not…

  • Have the self-awareness that you do.
  • Be able to see the true nature of other people, places or things that most sighted people can’t; being too caught up “looking” regularly being the sighted person’s biggest downfall.

Having lost our sight to RP is a blessing because it affords us the ability to more easily concentrate on the messages coming to us via our own minds and bodies. It is easier in a lot of ways for us to connect with the higher intelligence that created “everyone” here on earth; visual distractions these days often destroying quality of life, and life in general, for many people.

In short; the only reason being able to see has any value is because society believes it to be the most important sense one could possibly have. However, the truth of the matter is, “Eyesight is way over rated.”

To the mothers of children with RP.

If you are a parent who is feeling like you’ve produced a child who is destined to have a diminished life because they have Retinitis Pigmentosa, “Stop right there!” There are a few facts that you need to consider before looking at your kid as a poor victim, or second-class citizen.

Firstly: You alone are not totally responsible for the way your children are born. The healthiest women on the face of the planet can still have children with RP; both right from the start and later in life.

Secondly: It is total arrogance to think that your child is solely a human creation; the outcome only determined by “you” and your choice in sexual partner. If you don’t think higher intelligence (God) had a plan in all of this, “Guess again.”

If you’ve got doubts about this simply crack open a Bible and read Exodus 4:10-11. If that alone doesn’t emphasize my point enough for you than turn to John 9:2 and read through to John 9:3.

After reading all that; if you can still find excuses for kicking yourself in the ass for being the conduit for the will of higher intelligence, “God bless you.”

About the Retinitis Pigmentosa research being done:

I remember when a reported $150,000.00 was spent so the RP foundation could throw a gala back in the 1990s to celebrate changing their name to the, “Foundation Fighting Blindness.” True; I did get the information second hand and proving the validity of said information at this point would be difficult. However, this is what I recall; my mother regularly getting their publications in the mail for a time.

“However,” the real point here is that organizations like the Foundation Fighting Blindness are contributors to our economy. If we stamp out any of the widely publicized incurable diseases in the world today Whole industries will go down the tubes. That means lots of people will be out of work.

It took hearing about the RP Foundations name change, and alleged expensive party to celebrate it, to wake me up to the above mentioned economic reality. However, in my gut I know I’m not wrong. There will never be a cure for Retinitis Pigmentosa in my lifetime until every dime is wrung out of blindness as an industry. This means; even if there was a cure to be had, “It would be downplayed or kept quiet for as long as possible.”

In conclusion:

Those of us with RP are not sick or dying. In some ways, we will get more out of life than any other disabled person on the planet; everyone having physical and mental short comings of one form or another. So, despite the social stigma we live with, “We might as well enjoy life and all we have to offer in it to the best of our abilities.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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