What To Do Before You Start Dating.

Many women get caught up in the idea of finding a significant other and yet they don’t have a clue as to what it is they are looking for. Women will often tell guys that they just want to date around, which is a clear sign to guys like me that someone didn’t do their homework. “True!” Many men also suffer from this disease too; making many a woman run like hell when they are on the receiving end.

What does this homework involve? Well… It necessitates a woman sitting down “before she starts dating” and honestly writing out the characteristics she is looking for in a man. For example; a woman might want to ask herself if she is interested in sharing her life with a man over the long haul, or if she is just seeking a sexual outlet. Is a friend to pal around with all she really wants? Or, is she serious about marriage? In short; is her desire for male companionship all about the friendship, love or lust? A few of the questions that you might want to ask yourself before you start meeting guys are things like…

What kind of relationship with a man do you really want? What kind of behavior from a man and “yourself” do you think is acceptable in that kind of relationship? What qualities does a man need to have for you to feel comfortable in the relationship you foresee yourself having with him? What kind of physical contact do you foresee yourself initiating or allowing in that scenario? If it’s just friendship you are after, or friendship with benefits; can you do it without leading a guy into thinking that you want more? Are you secure enough with yourself to make your intentions clear to a man from the get go?

You get the idea here I think. Choose the kind of relationship you want and personality traits of the kind of person you are looking to have it with, “First.” Then pursue it. “And,” to be fair; this is the kind of stuff us men need to consider as well, “Before we start asking women out.”

Many folks are content just to let things happen, which really is unfortunate, because it often leads to hurt feelings and frustration for all parties concerned. “No!” This isn’t always the case. But a lot of the time it tends to work out this way. If you have doubts about this then just take a good hard look at the divorce rate in the good old USA these days!

So, if you really want to do something constructive before you start dating that will positively help both you and the people you meet, “Write down exactly what kind of relationship you are seeking and the qualities of the person you want to have it with!” Doing this will make everyone’s life a lot less complicated and stressful in the long run.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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