What Do Men Look For In A Woman Physically?

Are you worried that you might not have the kind of body men will be attracted to? When you look at your female competition; are you feeling like you’re a little short in measuring up? Well… Allow me to put your worst fears to bed. Writing from an Average Joe’s perspective; here’s the real deal on what men look for physically in a woman, “Especially one they are planning to routinely sleep with.”

To start with; it probably goes without saying but… “American Men prefer healthy women with good hygiene.” At least the guys I know, anyway. So, unless you have been label as an epidemic by the CDC, have been known to knock down houses by simply breathing on them, or are often mistaken for road kill by maggots, “You’re already in good shape.”

“Beyond this,” what guys look for in women physically all depends on the male in question. Some dudes like their women full figured. Other members of the male species prefer women who need a strainer kept over the shower drain; preventing her from washing away with the bathwater. Others prefer a woman that is somewhere in between.

When it comes to a woman’s overall appearance; skin, hair, color, smell, texture and so much more, all play a part in completing just one man’s mental image of the perfect woman. In a way; asking, “What men look for in a woman physically,” is like me asking you, “Which song does a woman like to hear the most?”

Personally: I find women who are physically fit to be very attractive. To get a clear picture of what physically fit means to me; simply look at pictures online of the awesome women who train dogs for the Seeing eye in Morristown NJ.

At the very least; the woman who’s in average shape, has long soft hair down past her shoulder blades, silky smooth skin and smells good is always going to get my attention. I’m not looking for a woman to have a perfect Ten body by any means. But, being a physically active guy myself, I would really enjoy the company of one who can walk at least four miles without dropping dead from doing it.

When it comes to being physically attracted to women; some guys are Ass Men, others will be first turned on by your legs, and others… Well… God only knows and it’s probably better that way.

Me? “I’m a Brest Man!” I like the way a woman’s breasts feel; in my hands and up against my body. They don’t have to be huge. But, perky is a plus.

Of course; being a blind person has its disadvantages when meeting women when you’re a Breast Man. I mean… You can’t just walk up to a girl you feel attraction for and say, “Before I get to know you, can I feel your breasts?”

Generally speaking; a woman’s voice matters too. For instance: English and Australian accents seriously rock and roll with me.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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