What Does A Man Want From A Woman Sexually?

Depending upon who you talk to; you just might find that, “Sex is more underrated than overrated.” However, it’s a known scientific fact that many relationships start through chemistry; many a book written on the topic telling us as much. In fact; if we are not with someone we have some chemistry with, there’s a good chance that the relationship isn’t going to last; sex often being the glue keeping folks in even the most toxic of romantic entanglements. So, “yeah,” sex is important to a man in a relationship; the ultimate expression of love towards a woman for many of us guys.

“What does a man want from a woman sexually?” Well… That depends on the guy in question. Sex, in a lot of ways is like music. Some men like jazz. Others might like rhythm and blues. Other men might like a combination of these two options mixed in with a touch of bluegrass, Beethoven’s Fifth and one hell of a lot of rock and roll. I think you get the idea here.

If you don’t have a lot of sexual experience; it’s quite alright. “I know I don’t mind showing a woman what works for me sexually.” There are plenty of books that can help you out, too.

“But,” what many of us guys really want from a woman sexually most of all is for her to genuinely enjoy it. We want women who are unabashed about giving and receiving. In short; we want you to do on to us as you would want us guys to do to you.

Personally; I’ve learned not to expect it. “However,” here are 3 things a girl can do to be the best in bed; totally nailing it with me.

Firstly: Give oral sex. The woman who is happily ready, willing and able to perform fellatio with the intention of thoroughly enjoying my orgasm, has my attention hands down. Secondly: Be active Rather than just being a dead log waiting to be resurrected from a petrified state. It’s a huge turn on to me when I’m with a girl that is confident enough to make a few moves on her own. If you’re wondering if I’m one of those men who like aggressive women in bed; let’s just say, “A girl who shows initiative in the bedroom is a dream come true.” Thirdly: Relax about being naked. No woman’s body is perfect. There is no such thing as the perfect form and I totally understand that. To me; so long as you are a woman who takes good care of her body and is pleasant to be around, “You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of when getting naked with me.”

Sex is more than just fellatio or intercourse. Touching and kissing count as sexual activity in my book, as well. To be honest; I do enjoy spending lots of time touching and kissing; on the couch, in the car, woods, etc. “Yes,” public displays of affection are always welcome, too.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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