What Makes A Guy Want To Commit And Get Married?

Commitment in a relationship is obviously important. Many of us would like to know that there is going to be at least one person who is going to be there for us, “Come hell or high water.” One person we can be completely vulnerable with; giving them the very power to destroy us; all the while trusting that this is something they would never do.

“However,” this is a two-way street, especially where marital relationships are concerned. It’s not enough to expect your partner to commit to you; promising to share with you in a life of oneness. Deep down; you also must be ready willing and able to do the same in return; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, “Until death do us part.”

Given the social structure here in the USA; there’s not much motivation for marriage anymore. It’s not uncommon to meet couples who are living together, have children together, and own homes together. While they might radiate all appearances of being committed to one another as life partners, “They aren’t married.” They’ve done nothing to solidify the bonds of their relationship in the eyes of God or any lessor governing entity.

Because it’s come to be so socially acceptable; it’s getting rather difficult to find many men or women who feel that marriage is the ultimate symbol of commitment. The concept of marriage has been further degraded by the legislation of same sex marriage, and other legalities of church and state that make it easier than ever to get a divorce.

With the above being said; if you are a woman trying to get a man to commit to you enough to get married, it might very well be an uphill battle. These days, there seem to be widely varying definitions of what marriage really is; depending upon who you talk to. So, if you want to get married to the man in your life, find out what marriage means to him; planning your next course of action from there.

Personally; if a woman truly wants me to marry her… Well… She won’t have to worry about it if she’s gotten to know me well enough. It will be a given that it’s going to happen.

The woman I will want to marry can stand with me rather than being kept afloat by me. She will automatically see us as an equal partnership above all else; working with me to travel through life together on a path that God will be proud of.

She will know how to balance her own independence within the framework of a successful partnership. But, most importantly of all, the woman I marry will know that she is not throwing her life away on a man who requires a care giver, meal ticket or servant to successfully get through his life.

In short; the woman that wants to be of one body and mind with me, under God’s direction, will be my wife. Together, “We will be two stars that shine bright.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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