Why men act interested and then pull away.

Are you a single Woman wondering why men act interested in you and then pull away? Well… To be honest… The answer might be a lot simpler than you would think.

Granted; I’m not a psych major, or even a licensed therapist. However, I’m pretty sure that even a rocket scientist would agree with the following assessment, despite the simplicity of it.

As you read this; Think about how you’ve behaved towards guys when you had a boyfriend, or husband. If you’ve never had a boyfriend or husband; take a close look at your friends who do have boyfriends or husbands. Either way; I’m pretty sure you will realize that you’ve seen the behavior I’m about to describe, quite often. And, once you recognize the behavior pattern I’m talking about, “You’ll know why many men act interested in you and then pull away.”

You see: It’s been my personal experience that Women who are spoken for flirt quite often, and heavily. “And,” If I was really interested? “They have a built-in excuse to push me away.” They obviously feel safe flirting with me because they have this built in failsafe. “Sales associates and waitresses often being at the top of the list of women most likely to exhibit this kind of behavior towards me.

Me? If I like a girl I flirt with her. If she’s cautious in her response to me then I know she’s single. It’s rare that it works out the opposite way. Most single women of any age don’t have the confidence to carry themselves when they aren’t with anyone; are afraid of making false impressions, picking up a stalker, etc.

So, if you’re a woman wondering why a man acts interested in you and then blows you off… You might want to take what I’ve said into consideration here. If you are one of those women who is single, has the self-confidence to flirt shamelessly and fearlessly, without concern for how you are going to be judged, you just might want to go that little extra mile and let him know, “You really are single!” Otherwise, there’s a good chance he’s just going to think along the lines of what I’ve mentioned above.

It is sad that a lot of women behave as if they are available when they aren’t; leading some of us good men over 40 on, when their boyfriends and husbands aren’t around. If truth be told; it is very frustrating for us guys out there who want to trust the signals we’re getting. But… These day’s… It’s really hard to know if the woman we are interested in is worth a damn; let alone actually single; largely because of the above described pattern of behavior.

But, “Girls will be Girls I guess,” often sending the wrong signals to men. So, yeah, guys might be playing the game with you just for fun; suspecting that you more than likely already have a significant other hanging around.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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